Girl vs. Wedding Dress: Round 1

By Robin Swanson

I can’t wait to be married – I’ve been engaged for five months and have been looking forward to being married to the man that I love – that part can’t come soon enough.  It’s the wedding that scares me.

I’ve never been a gal who has spent much time thinking about my wedding day.  Though I’ve been to oodles of beautiful weddings for other people, I’ve never envisioned myself wearing an extravagant dress, walking down an aisle with everyone looking at me, or cutting a wedding a cake.  I may have watched an episode or two of “Bridezilla,” but I’ve never been a devotee of television programs about wedding planning or read bridal magazines.   That’s why my fiancé and I have decided to have a simple destination wedding on a beach.   Easy, stress-free and relaxing, right?  No muss, no fuss. (OK – former brides – restrain the laughter.  I may be a little naïve about weddings, but I want simplicity!)

And then came the dress.   I wasn’t even looking for a dress.  My mom and my sister have been begging me to go wedding dress shopping for months, but campaign season has kept me on work over-load, and I’ve successfully dodged the dreaded shopping excursion.   I figured that at some point, I’d find a simple beach-ready dress that would suffice.

But then the dress came to me.  Literally – a beautifully elegant and stunning Zac Posen wedding dress was delivered to me in my hotel room on a trip to the East Coast last week.  Was this fate intervening in my plans to ensure I wear something fashionable for my wedding, after all?    As it turns out, when my friends Betsy and Charles got married, Betsy ended up wearing a different dress than the one she had initially planned on – so she happened to have a “spare” designer wedding dress that she really wanted me to wear for my wedding — and the design of this strapless wrap dress could actually work well for a beach wedding.    Feeling a little like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City opening her Vivienne Westwood gown, I marveled at the simple elegance of the Zac Posen dress.

Holding up the beautiful dress, I had another revelation – apparently fate also wants me to lose about 25 pounds.   Though the dress is a size that I sometimes delude myself into thinking I might be – it’s a designer dress – and unlike the Gap and Ann Taylor – designers don’t seem to care about my self-esteem by secretly upsizing the dress for me.  And unlike Carrie Bradshaw, I have, in fact, ingested a carbohydrate or two in the last decade – so I’ve got some serious work to do before this dress fits me properly.

And so begins the obsession with the dress, despite my best intentions to keep all-things-wedding easy and stress-free.   That said, while I remain committed that the dress may change the size of my body, it’s not going to change the shape of my simple beach wedding to my future husband.  I’ve met with my trainer, TJ Watkins, and informed him that we can officially begin Operation Wedding Dress STAT.

In short, I’ve got almost six months to lose 25 pounds.  So – friends be forewarned: gym dates — I’m in; salads and ice-teas – I’m game for that too; running buddies – I’m back on program; and if I have wine in the next six months, it better be a glass that knocks my socks off.   Who knew that a wedding dress could be such a game-changer?   In an attempt at holding myself accountable, I’ll share any wedding dress fitness tips I pick up here on Girls on the Grid.  So consider this Round 1 of Girl vs. Dress.  To be continued…

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  1. Stephanie says

    Congrats Robin and Go Girl!

  2. Sharla says

    Love it! Can’t wait to hear the tips as they will be just as handy for “get the baby weight off” challenge 🙂

  3. Amelia Neufeld says

    Great blog! Would love to see a picture of the dress 🙂

  4. mom says

    Yes, let’s see a picture of “THE dress!”

  5. Jennifer says

    You can do it girly!!! 🙂

  6. Megan C says

    Yay go Robin! You can do it 🙂 Love ya cuz!!! send me a pic of the dress if you have a chance! <3

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