Out and About: King of Feasts at the Sacramento Zoo Review

The tickets! Good job guys for making them large enough to use as a fan while in line to get in, since it was a typical Sacramento summer day reaching 105.

By Chantel Elder

My fiancé and I love food and libations of any kind and while we LOVE animals, I haven’t always been a real big zoo person. When we saw the ad for the King of Feasts fundraiser at the Sacramento Zoo I had mixed feelings about it. My curiosity of the event and our local Zoo for that matter (I haven’t been in years) won me over and we decided to go. The price tag per person came off a little steep ($60 per person at the door), and we wondered if it was worth it for three hours of drinking and eating and looking at animals…

It totally was!! We had more fun then a barrel of monkey’s..okay that was a bad joke but whatever! I HIGHLY recommend this amazing fundraiser to anyone that was on the fence about going next year. Below are some of my adventures and discoveries and a few fun facts that you might not have known…

This was my most favorite wine at the event – a dessert wine called Radee from Thailand. It is made of exotic fruits and we were able to taste passion fruit and pineapple. Dee-lish! Seriously people check it out. You can buy this stuff at Corti Brothers and it is such a unique product…I consider it my find of the week!

Overall rating of the event: 9 out of 10. Great food, awesome people, fantastic wine! There was more to taste and see then we could fit in while mingling which was awesome! Only draw back was that cat pictured above and the Sacramento heat in the beginning. Once the sun started to go down it was great. Maybe next year they might start the event around 6:30 instead.

I ran into a beloved high school friend at the event- Corrine Bright. I love Sacramento and it's quaint-ness...Aside from serving beer Hoppy Brewery was also giving people temporary tattoos.
Adults or Greg and I turn into children when given wine and beer after hours at the zoo. 'Nuff said
Did you know the zoo caters? And that it is delicious!? They also rent out areas for events and weddings! This bbq was amazing.
I nerded out safari style on the flamingos. Did you know that flamingos are only pink because of the shrimp they eat? They are my most favorite thing to watch at the zoo besides the Hyenas (which are much bigger then I thought even though my only point of reference is the Lion King movie from when I was 8).
SCORE! If you stay until the VERY end and staff has to ask you to leave, all the vendors will give you the left over stuff so they don't have to pack it all up. Greg and I got a 6 pack of beer from the Stella/Bud Light Lime booth! Bikes were a better idea coming then going...

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