The "Joy" of Being Preggers

By Lisa Page

I looked at GOTG’s recent calendar of events and realized just how quickly, and by how much, my life has changed since becoming pregnant. I usually attend Grape Escape, for example, but cutting wine out of my diet makes paying the price tag associated with the event less appealing, so I didn’t go this year. I enjoy River Cats’ games but there’s no longer a need to go on “Thirsty Thursday” nights for the discounted beer. And when I do go to my first game of the season this weekend, I won’t be eating the hot dogs either. My guess is you’ll spot me in line at Big Spoon yogurt or Merino’s Freeze.

I didn’t realize how much wine was a key element of my social life, and so it’s been an adjustment. We skipped our annual barrel tasting trip to Dry Creek Valley in March, and our wine club shipment last month wasn’t nearly as exciting as it once was. We’ll save a couple, but I’ve already seen my husband, friends and family drink a few really good bottles of wine club vino. Sigh. I know someone should enjoy it even if it’s not me.

Sleep has become my most favorite thing instead. Staying out past 11 p.m. is nearly impossible, and when I did one night last week while in Chicago for work meetings, I paid for it the next day. I also danced for five songs, but afterwards, my feet, body (and probably my baby too) screamed at me like I’d been out dancing all night. Plus, women don’t mind a pregnant friend on the dance floor, but any other guy other than your husband (or partner or baby daddy) will literally move to the other side of the room like you’re a leper. I guess that’s to make sure they don’t “bump” into you, but seriously boys, I’m not so big that you’re going to hurt me from a few feet away. Yes, I have literally become the elephant in the room.

And then if my ever-expanding belly isn’t enough, there are my taste buds, which I no longer recognize as my own. This has dealt a serious blow to the foodie in me. I gag every time I even smell a hint of asparagus, and the same goes for salmon. These used to make up one of my favorite dinners and I can’t go near them! Our grocery bill has also skyrocketed as I’ve switched to organic – well pretty much everything – fruit, vegetables, milk, yogurt, etc.

I’m extremely jealous of my friends who loved being pregnant. I am NOT one of those lucky ladies. I’m tired, awkward and off balance. My feet are often swollen, and I’m not even in my third trimester yet. And if those things don’t deserve some sympathy, my wardrobe has suddenly shrunk immensely. Plus, who wants to spend a fortune on clothes that you’re only going to wear for a few months? Speaking of…why can’t they make some affordable maternity work clothes? There’s loads of casual wear, but it’s nearly impossible to find fashionable items to wear to work. And then there’s these maternity short shorts everywhere right now for summer which is the last thing I feel like wearing. Thanks for the reminder maternity store.

A friend told me the other day “that this too shall end.” Thank goodness! Other than the morning sickness and the passing out and stitches that followed, I’ve truly been lucky to make it this far, so please don’t associate my complaining as ungratefulness. I know I’ve been extremely fortunate. Plus, there’s no time to dwell on what I can no longer do when there’s a never ending to do list with baby stuff to register for, a room to decorate and baby classes to take. Plus, I’m still juggling a demanding work schedule, which includes more travel than I’d like.

I still can’t hide it though – I’m really looking forward to having the baby (minus the labor) and moving beyond the pregnancy stage. I realize that I may seriously regret putting these comments in writing when I’m even more sleep deprived and struggling to breastfeed, so you reserve the right to say “I told you so.”

Anyone else that’s pregnant or been pregnant out there, who can remember feeling like their life totally changed before even having the baby? As much as I know the outcome will be worth it, I sometimes feel Dorothy from the Wizard Oz…except she can’t fit into her red shoes anymore.

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  1. Roya says

    Oh, honey!
    Pregnancy is a hellish place to be.
    I just want to say “I feel ya”, and that it really is all worth it in the end (really, the new beginning).

    Sleep deprivation and scabby nipples are worth it too, in hindsight only:)

  2. Lisa Macedo says


    I completely understand all of your complaints. I was saying the same thing nearly two years ago while I was pregnant with Logan. However after looking back, and being pregnant again, I realize being pregnant is nothing compared to what you will go through after delivering your baby. I have now learned to enjoy this second pregnancy much more, since it will all be over soon, and yes, you will fit into those red shoes once again.


  3. Lisa says

    You both have given me so much to look forward to! Ha ha ha. It’s all a learning process, right?

  4. Sharon says

    Yes, pregnancy does totally set you up for motherhood by changeing your life in many ways. You’ll never be the same, but it’s totally worth it! Congratulations!

    And lol on the short shorts! PLEASE! Don’t be afraid to shell out a few bucks for some classic maternity pieces. *Maybe* you’ll get to wear them again… 🙂

  5. Vanessa says

    While I haven’t been pregnant myself, I can appreciate an honest story and admire your bravery for telling it… Your healthy sense of humor about it all is awesome, too. I know, just like you do, that there are greener pastures ahead…:)

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