Just Because You're Working Out, Doesn't Mean You Can't Look Good!

By Amy Thoma

With the temperatures heating up, I thought I’d pass along some of my favorite workout outfits to my fellow Girls on the Grid. I used to believe that in order to be a serious athlete you need to wear mismatched old clothes, but lately I’ve embraced looking good in order to feel confident and fast when I hit the trails or roads for a run.

When I look for running, yoga or other workout apparel I ask myself three questions: Is it functional (at the end of the day this is the most important thing)? Does it fit? And finally, does it look good and make me feel strong and fast?

A few generic tips…. Cotton=death. Cotton doesn’t breathe, doesn’t wick sweat and will make you colder in winter and hotter in the summer. Stick to breathable, wicking tech fabrics. If you treat them right, they’ll last forever and trust me, you’ll be so much more comfortable. When you try on clothes you intend to exercise in, move around a bit. Jump, jog or do some stretching to make sure it doesn’t ride up or do anything weird once you start moving. Finally, look for essentials. For me, pockets and drawstrings are a must!

Here are some of my favorites:

Nike Tempo Shorts: I have 9 pairs of these, and I’m not kidding. They are hands down, without question, the most comfortable running shorts on the market. I’m obsessed with my tempos. They come in a variety of colors, and you can find them almost anywhere. I like to shop locally, so I buy mine at Fleet Feet on J Street, but you can get them anywhere.

Lucy Impulse Short: I love all things Lucy (So cute! So flattering! So expensive!). These shorts are extraordinarily comfortable, and they look great. I refer to these as my “booty shorts,” but they really aren’t that short. The wide waistband is very flattering, there’s a nice big pocket on the back to stash keys or energy gels, and they last forever. I ran 3 half marathons, a full marathon and several 20+ mile runs in these shorts – and have never had a problem. Yes, they are short and yes, they are spandex, but trust me, they are incredibly comfortable and flattering.

Nike Distance Sport Top: When the weather heats up, I prefer to run in tank tops that have a racer back and plenty of support. I have this one in several colors and it looks and feels great.

Brooks Women’s Equilibrium Tee: If you’re more comfortable with a little more coverage, this short-sleeved top is adorable! It’s made of wicking material so it’ll keep you dry and cool. I don’t own this, but it’s almost my birthday so maybe the birthday fairy will bring it!

Moving Comfort Lila Sports Bra: This is a little more expensive than most sports bras, but it’s probably worth every penny. Moving Comfort is made by women, for women and designed to be functional and flattering. The Lila bra comes in A/B or C/D which means it actually fits. It’s molded on the inside, which means support without looking like a 12-year old boy.

Brooks For Her Jacket: This jacket would be cute after your work out or run when you’re drinking that well-deserved post run latte at Tupelo (or maybe that’s just me…) and have cooled off a little bit. I love the pink and the fact that some of the proceeds benefit breast cancer research.

EDITOR’s NOTE: Did we miss anything? What are you favorite and/or essential workout pieces? Let us know by leaving a comment below or emailing girlsonthegrid AT gmail DOT com.

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  1. Lesley Miller says

    Oooo, I need to get myself a pair of the Nike or Lucy shorts. Good to know!

    I also love Target’s Champion sports bras. They’re fabulous, and affordable. I’ve worn them on several long races with just as much comfort as a brand like Nike or Adidas.

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