Girl on the Grid: Boot Camp with Khrystyne Kaphan

By Chantel Elder

Khrystyne Kaphan was nominated for my “day in the life project” by one of her clients. The nomination had such sincerity that I was immediately excited to photograph her for Girls on the Grid – especially since May is health/fitness/nutrition month!

Khrystyne is a personal trainer. You have no doubt seen her on the Workout Wednesday segment on KCRA channel 3. Every week, she gives tricks and advice for how to lead a happy and healthy life. She is a trainer at California Family Fitness and also has a business called Glamfit. She holds Saturday morning work-outs at American River College. After contacting Khrystyne we though it would be fun for me to photograph her at one of her Saturday classes in action while I got to know her.

Bright and early on a Saturday, I grabbed my camera equipment, pulled out my dusty running sneakers and headed to AR to photograph Khrystyne. The plan was to document in between exercising. I have never gone to a trainer and really didn’t know what to expect. My version of exercising is usually a DVD in my living room….bi-weekly. L

ike most people I fall in to that category of people with “good intentions” when it comes to exercise. It didn’t take me long before I realized why Khrystyne is so fantastic at her job and why so many of her clients love her unconditionally.

Yes, she is gorgeous and all things motivational when it comes to getting you to work out, but her real secret is her humor. Her ability to laugh, accept you for who you are, and help you draw on your own strengths to achieve your goals is her secret to her success. All shapes and sizes showed up for her class on Saturday, totaling about 12 people. Mom’s were able to bring their kids too! We warmed up, ran or walked a mile and then did some collaborative exercises. By the end I felt like everyone was on one great big team and Khrystyne was our goofy and fun-loving ring leader.

Meet Khrystyne…and if you find yourself awake on a Saturday morning give her class a try I loved it!

Why did you become a personal trainer and how did you get started?
Khrystyne: I became as a personal trainer four years ago as my way of inspiring and motivating others. I had never realized what an influence I was to others by just being on the workout floor until people started coming up to me and sharing with me that they had noticed my progress, my dedication and my passion for working out.

I got my start by training locally at CFF. Along the way, I studied hard to obtain my national trainer certification through AFAA, NASM and my Yoga certification through YogaFit.

Currently I am studying for the NASM-CES and gearing up for Kettlebell and TRX training. The key to being a great trainer and taking the best care of your clients is to stay on the cutting edge of current training techniques and growing with this industry. It’s not always about tearing somebody apart, for 90% of people is about rebuilding and taking care of their bodies from the inside out.

What is your favorite thing about being a personal trainer?

Khrystyne: My favorite thing about training is the response I get from my clients when they achieve their goals. Each individual has different goals that we set for that person. We take those goals and we put “mile markers” out that need to be met in order to stay on track. I’ve had clients experience accomplishments in weight loss, cycling events, triathlons, marathons and not mention the dramatic results that happen from the inside. I’m talking about reduced cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes medications no longer needed.

But the single greatest reward for me is the CONFIDENCE I see these women gain. They walk with their shoulders back and heads held high. They own their own accomplishments and knowing that I have played a role in helping someone have confidence is priceless to me.

What inspires you?

Khrystyne: I’m inspired by all of my clients. Each one has a different story, a different reason and a personal soul that not only inspires me to push myself harder during my own workouts but also motivates me to be the best trainer that I can be so that I will continue to help others.

What is the biggest misnomer about fitness?

Khrystyne: The biggest misnomer that clients have is that it is going to come easy and that they can allow themselves “breaks”.  Health, fitness and wellness are all about dedication. Dedication physically and emotionally. If you hire a trainer that doesn’t automatically make you more fit. We (as trainers) don’t magically appear for an hour and wa-la you are fit and fabulous. You still have to do the work, put in the time for preparing meals and making the right decisions when we aren’t around.

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  1. Kristen says

    Awesome information, and photos! Love it.

  2. Candace Covington says

    Khristyne is a personal friend of mine with the biggest heart! She is passionate about her life, her family, and friends. I am so thankful to be a friend of hers. She really reached out to me during my journey of fitness competitions and my gratitude has remained in tact! For all the smiles and stories we’ve shared together, Khristyne is really a diamond that shines so bright!! 🙂

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