Found: Best Sacramento Parks for the Kiddos

By Julie Jones

I love to walk with my kids, and my kids and I really enjoy a good park. I think parks are a great way for my kids to burn energy in a contained area where I can keep an eye on all of them. My kids love the swings and they love to climb (so pardon the pun…but I have monkeys).

I usually try to go to local parks, but I do venture out to others off-the-grid that include water or sprinklers, like in Folsom and Rocklin. Once it becomes super hot in the valley, there’s nothing better than letting your kids play – while having the option to cool off under the sprinklers. I even mentioned to to the Carmichael parks and recreation folks that there should be a water park in this area!

Here are my picks for the best kid-friendly parks in the Sacramento area…

Carmichael Park

(Green Park Lane and Carmichael Park Road) Includes 3 playgrounds and bathrooms – there are actually 2 parks (big and little) that are connected. Another play area is located by the school, and there’s a great dog park nearby.

Antelope Park

(Ocean Park Drive and Olberoing Way) This park is big and shady with bridges and monkey bars. There’s also a nearby swimming pool that offers lessons.

Del Campo Park

(Crestview Drive and Heathcliff Drive) This park is small and cute – but no bathrooms.

Crosswoods (bunny) Park

(Auburn Blvd and Van Maren Lane) They have a great playground and swings – and it’s close to the library. We call it bunny park because we used to see them all the time. Lately, not so much, but we’re hoping they come back this year.

Fair Oaks Park

(8000 Temple Park Road) This is a great park with swings, sandlot and neart the library. It’s perfect for all ages.

Rusch Park (with Lions)

(Antelope Road and Rosswood Drive) I love that this park has the area for big and little kids. My favorite spot is on the lion side near the main road and baseball diamonds near the community center park area.

As a mom with five kids, I don’t bring all the sand toys to the park… Call me what you want, but I don’t want to lose those toys nor have my kids forget them. Parks are a great way to meet moms – and don’t forget to bring snacks and plenty of water!

TIP: We are consumers and patrons of parks – if you see that the playground or park has been defaced, speak up. Same goes for ideas for added features and additions. Check with your local parks and recreation for phone numbers.

When do you go to the park? In the morning or afternoon? Do you BBQ or have family events there ? What parks do you find to be the most kid-friendly?

Guest blogger Julie Jones is a mom to 5 kids and while she has some spare time, she likes to read. She has been in the area for 1991 and is a discussion leader for Sacramento MomslikeMe and, and loves to find good deals and hang with her friends for GNO. She blogs at

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  1. tami says

    A quick hop over the river in the other direction and your kids can enjoy a “sprayground” in Bridgeway Lakes Park in West Sacramento.

    My students love coming out here on hot days.

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