Sacramento Fashion Show Highlights: Caren Templet and Velo & Vintage

By Devon Carey Berrier, Ashley Robinson and Laura Braden

Caren Templet Spring/Summer 2010 Fashion Show – May 6th

Laura and I were psyched to attend Caren Templet’s (1801 L Street) fashion show at the historic Elks Tower downtown. With bass bumping and champagne a flowin’ the showcase began—full of pastel colors of sky blue, pale pink, and lavender.  The collection celebrates the 70’s with knee-length vest dresses worn over colored slacks and tees – accessorized with a neck scarf in the same color palette.

Templet also showed mid-calf v-neck halter dresses that beg for flat gladiator sandals and cocktails poolside.  Templet celebrates the female figure. One of her cap sleeved knee length dresses in a pale pink floral fabric caught my attention—the proportions were perfect and the scoop neck and thick built-in belt is flattering to all body types.

The show ended with a big bang with two beautiful gowns: the first was a strapless full-length gown of teal and gold and the second a mid-calf black dress made of the most gorgeous fabric.

The empire waist teal dress has a satin top and a flowing teal and gold skirt with accents of encrusted floral lace—stunning.

The black dress includes a one-shoulder embellishment that is perfect for the red carpet. The fabric is of the same family as the teal dress—it looks as though rhinestones of onyx and silver are encrusted in the fabric.

Caren Templet is doing Sacramento proud—I was thrilled to see such a professional runway show in our own city.  I hope other upcoming designers in Sacramento will take the plunge and start to showcase their designs. The only negative thing I have to say about Templet’s show is that the models were not fitted into the designs before the show—and it was obvious.  The shoes and clothes were far too large and were not flattering to the women wearing them. My only suggestion—do a fitting beforehand or find bigger sized models. Overall it was a great evening! I cannot wait to see what she does next. To see and buy your own Caren Templet designs visit her store at 1801 L Street.

Velo & Vintage Fashion show – May 8th

Ashley and I had the pleasure to hit up Sac Cycle Chic’s and Juniper James‘ Velo & Vintage Fashion show during Second Saturday at Hot Italian (1627 16th Street).

We weren’t sure what to expect, but the concept (literally models riding their bikes on the runway) was fresh and entertaining.

The show featured male and female models wearing really cute and chic vintage clothing – while on vintage beach cruisers! Some of our favorite looks were from the 30’s-40’s.

The turnout was great – the place was packed, They also continued to serve food/dinner during the fashion show (there was even a bachelorette party going on), which gave it a very laidback and organic vibe.

According to, the models were all locals who represent small independent businesses and tend to be passionate about vintage clothing and cycling about the Capital city.

Kari Shipman (who writes Juniper James) explained that it was about bringing together vintage clothing and biking – both of which are green and eco-friendly activities: “I am thrilled to be a part of this fashion show because it is about more than just the clothes and the bikes. It’s about bringing together two often separate communities here in Midtown and celebrating them for the contribution they bring to our city.”

West Sacramento Mayor Christopher Cabaldon was the Master of Ceremonies, and they plan on making this an annual event – be sure to join the fun in 2011!

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