The Biggest Loser?

By Carolyn Becker

I like to win things. I like to take home prizes, win games and, since I work in TV news, I really like to beat the competition. But lately, I’ve been focusing a lot more on losing. I’m home on maternity leave, and while caring for a newborn can be difficult (really difficult), there’s something that’s proving to be even harder: losing the last 20 lbs.

I recently heard myself say to a family member, “Losing the first 20 pounds was easy. I gave birth.” For the record, I should have said, “Losing the first 20 pounds was rapid.” It was not exactly easy. But I digress. This blog is about my challenge to lose the last 20. Forget the freshman fifteen; I’m talking about those pesky pregnancy pounds. Not the water weight, or the baby’s weight. You lose those lbs quickly. Add a little walking with the stroller, and all the laundry new moms find themselves doing, and you might even shed a few more. But then you hit that number on the scale and it refuses to go any lower. I’ve been tempted to go buy a new scale. Is it possible mine is stuck?

Everyone always says breastfeeding gives you this great superpower, and the weight just magically melts off. I’m here to set the record straight. I’ve been breastfeeding for almost two months now, and my scale is still stuck. Yes, breastfeeding burns more calories, which is great. But think about it: I’m burning more calories … so … now I’m always hungry! But I’ll keep breastfeeding, and I’ll try to eat healthy snacks as much as possible. But realistically, what new mom has time to chop veggies and buy fresh fruit all the time? Sometimes, crackers and cheese is so much easier (and yummier!).

I am learning how to make a little more time for me. I just joined Jazzercise at a great little studio, not on the grid but nearby in South Land Park. It’s straight out of the 80s — one of my favorite decades — and is totally rad, dudes! It’s like dancing with a bunch of girlfriends for an hour. With a newborn, it’s not like I’m getting out to the clubs much. It actually feels so good to be exercising that the first time I went, I almost cried. Apparently, endorphins + hormones = emotional!

The bottom line (pun intended) is that losing weight takes time. After all, I figure it took 9 months to put on the pounds. Maybe it’ll take just as long to lose them. And, of course, I’d love for other moms to weigh in.

Guest blogger Carolyn Becker is new to the blogosphere, but she is no longer a blog virgin. Not only did she write for GOTG this month, she recently started a baby blog as well. Her son was born in early March. When she’s not home taking care of Blake, she is the Executive Producer of the 10pm & 11pm news on KQCA and KCRA. As a new mom and a working woman, she thrives on multi-tasking and is a true believer that fidgeting helps burn lots of calories. Besides writing, Carolyn enjoys both snowskiing and waterskiing, along with good wine and even better friends. She and her family (husband Ryan, son Blake, and dogs Sam & Libby) live in Sacramento’s beautiful Land Park neighborhood.

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  1. Chantel Elder says

    Loved the Blog! Fantastic meeting you last night too, Blake is adorable 🙂

  2. Sharon says

    So true — breastfeeding does not make the weight melt off by itself, but I have noticed great results when I actually TRY to eat right and exercise while nursing.

    I’m with you – needing to loose *at least* 20 more since having a baby 4 wks ago. Good times 🙂

  3. Laura says

    Just an FYI, I am only 13 months into motherhood, but I found that around 4 to 5 months is when the breastfeeding really started paying off with weight loss! Maybe it also helped that I was finally getting more than 1 hour of sleep at a time by that point also…but many moms in my mommy and me group found that at the 4 or 5 month mark weight loss got much easier, especially for those exclusively breastfeeding.

  4. Christina says

    I’ve found it’s ALL in what you eat. Simple calorie counting…. if you’re taking in more calories than you’re burning, the scale is not going to move, much less go down. There are no magic tricks, no good crash diets; your calories, carbs, fats– all need to be taken into account. Do that and I promise, you will loose the last 20!

  5. Sacramento Wedding Photography says

    It’s always darn hard to lose that last bit of weight either from pregnancy or just plain old neglect. Watch the carbs late in the day and get simple with dinner. Chicken and broccoli, chicken and asparagus, chicken and zucchini. It’s boring but you will feel a little thinner each morning. I love crackers and cheese too but switched to celery and hummus. Huge difference! Good luck. I think you are amazing!!!!!!!

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