Found: Fresh Organic Veggies Delivered to Your Neighborhood

By Becky Warren

If you are looking for a way to incorporate vegetables into your diet, you may want to check out one of the local farms in the area. There is a program known as Community Supported Agriculture that will deliver fresh veggies and fruit to your neighborhood for pick-up.

For me, this is a perfect option. I know that I need to eat more veggies – its healthy and a great way to lose fat and build lean muscles. For years, I basically would just purchase the same vegetables week after week at the grocery store – almost as a chore.  I could go to the many wonderful farmers’ markets that are in the area, but I’m just not that motivated to hunt down veggies each weekend.

Community Supported Agriculture is a way to bring the farm directly to you. There are organic and sustainable farms throughout not only the region but nationwide that allows people to essentially purchase a share of the farm and literally enjoy the fruits of their labor.  The veggies and fruit are picked that week so that you are eating what is in season. They have more nutritional value and taste like they are straight from your own garden.

I have been a member with Full Belly Farm located in the Capay Valley for a little over a year. There’s such a wide variety of veggies and fruit, and I love their weekly newsletter that provides information about what’s happening at the farm – and healthy recipes on how to use the veggies in your weekly box.

My pick-up is in Land Park every Wednesday, and it may sound strange but every Wednesday I cannot wait to find out what’s in the box. It’s like my birthday every week. I really love picking it up and researching recipes to use all of the variety of veggies.

It has made me a lot more adventurous in preparing new vegetables. I had never prepared fennel or kale before. And I noticed that I eat more veggies when I am using this service and eat more often at home which saves money and calories.

Not all of my recipes have worked. For example, I attempted an acorn squash soup and it was more of a crunchy mush. (Doesn’t that sound appetizing?) But it was fun trying.

How To Get Involved

Check out, plug in your zip code and check out all of the many farms available.

A few recommendations:

  • Boxes are pretty full of veggies and fruit. If you are single, you may want to consider either splitting with a friend or asking for twice a month delivery.
  • If you travel a lot (like me), I only pay month by month so they don’t go to waste rather than purchasing a longer-term commitment.
  • Check out all of the farms in the region that deliver in your neighborhood. There is more than Full Belly Farm but I do recommend this farm – they offer such a diverse variety of veggies and fruit all year round.
  • Commit to eating all of the veggies by the time your next box arrives. I have to do this to ensure I don’t procrastinate and the veggies go bad.

Check Out Some of the Local Farms in the Area

  • Full Belly Farm (Guinda,CA) – Members pick up their shares at convenient locations in their communities. Members can skip weeks for vacations, etc. or get the box every other week. Farm offers an annual Hoes Down Harvest Festival and several farm tours and potlucks during the year.
  • Riverdog Farm (Guinda,CA) – Each week you pick up your box of freshly harvested, certified organic seasonal produce at a convenient location. Delivery includes Sacramento.
  • Eatwell Farm (Dixon,CA) – A great variety of fruits and vegetables year-round. Organic pasture-raised egg shares are also offered. You can choose to receive a box every week or every-other week and can postpone boxes when you go on vacation. Box contains 9-12 items, each with a portion for 2-5 people.
  • Good Humus Produce (Capay,CA) – Members pick up their shares in a central location in the following communities: Davis, Woodland, Sacramento and Roseville.
  • Farm Fresh To You (Capay,CA) – Offers a regular box, mostly fruit box, and a small mixed fruit and vegetable box delivered to your home.
  • DeVoDa Gardens CSA (Woodland,CA) – Receive a variety of seasonal vegetables, herbs and flowers delivered right to your doorstep on the same regularly scheduled day each week. THey grow mostly heirloom varieties of popular vegetables, so you will always find something familiar, yet interesting & tasty in your box.
  • The Natural Trading Company CSA (Newcastle,CA) – Grows more than 40 different types of vegetables and 85 types of tomatoes. The variety and quality are great.


Do you belong to a Community Supported Agriculture? If so, what is it? Do you have a favorite recipe that was used with those sometimes, very unique, vegetables? Let us know by leaving a comment below or emailing us at girlsonthegrid AT gmail DOT com.

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  1. tami says

    for years we subscribed to terra firma farm in winters. they are suppliers of the sac natural foods co-op and many restaurants around town.

    each week their newsletter was filled with delicious recipes for the vegetables in the box. they even keep their newsletters on their website.

    the only reason we stopped our box is we travel most summers and we like going to the farmer’s market every weekend. plus we’ve got some pretty prolific garden boxes in our front yard.

  2. Summer says

    We use Farm Fresh to You and la-la-la love it. I really couldn’t say enough nice things about their produce and service.

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