Pics of the Week: Paparazzi for a living?!?…Naaa

By Chantel Elder

My friend Laura is one of the genius ladies behind Girls on the Grid. GOTG is a lifestyle blog in Sacramento that discusses everything from politics to the best night creams for ladies. There are several regular writers on it and a few months back she asked if I would guest blog when I had time. Of course I said I would and my guest blog has turned into a twice a month column on documenting women and what a day in their life is like. I love it so much… It fulfills the unaccomplished photojournalist in me. I am so serious when I say these guest blogs offer a way for me to get out in to the world and meet people that I never ever other wise would. It is really the perfect combination of photojournalism and environmental portraiture. I freaking LOVE it!

Last night Laura asked if I wanted to take some photos for the premiere of Touching Home, a movie written by two local twins starring Ed Harris. I thought it would be lots of fun and why not give a shot at being a paparazzi?! Turns out I am the sort of person that kind tends to shy away from people in the spotlight. I just stood quietly by Laura and while she chatted with people, I clicked away. Below are a few that I really like and I posted a link to all the others taken!

Click here for more photos from the event with free download!

Laura being adorable
The VIP party had really cool lights…
Ed Harris getting interviewed a few inches from my face on the red carpet
The twin stars (and writers/directors/producers) of the movie with their equally talented and sweet girlfriends
The night wouldn’t be complete without Kevin Johnson
Q&A session after the premiere

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