Touching Home Premiere: Hollywood Comes to the Grid!

By Jamie Romas

Working for the B Street Theatre is always amazing, but next Friday, April 30th, Sacramento will roll out the red carpet for the premiere of “Touching Home,” a film written by (and starring) Northern California natives – and twins – Logan and Noah Miller. The movie chronicles the brothers’ struggle to overcome great odds, fulfill their dreams of playing professional baseball, and rescue their father – played by Oscar-nominated actor Ed Harris – from addiction and homelessness.

And as if writing and starring in a movie wasn’t enough, the Miller brothers also wrote a best-selling book based on their experience, “Either You’re In or You’re In The Way.”

“Touching Home” will premiere Hollywood-style (yes, there will be a red carpet) at the Crest Theatre, and you could be there!

One lucky GOTG reader will win two general admission tickets to the premiere and an autographed copy of “Either You’re In or You’re In The Way.” All you need to do is post a comment below explaining why you should go! The winner will be announced next Thursday, April 29th.

If you’re not feeling lucky, you can always purchase tickets to the premiere – which benefits the B Street Theatre -online at: To read more about “Touching Home” and the Miller brothers, check out the film’s official website: And don’t forget to check back next Thursday for our interview with the Miller brothers and announcement of the contest winner!

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  1. Tam Ma says

    I’d love to attend the premiere because I am touched by the accomplishments of the amazing Miller brothers and the story they’ve shared with their readers (and now movie viewers)!

    I live in Sacramento and attend graduate school in the Bay Area. I do the daily Amtrak commute because I <3 living in Sacramento and didn't want to move.

    Thanks for advertising the book, the movie, and the premiere!

  2. Beth says

    Like I said the last time…I’m ALWAYS working!! I can’t remember the last time I put on my big girl clothes and shoes and had a good time! Please, please, PLEASE pick me!!!!

  3. Tina Mora says

    I am fed up with so many cheesy movies anymore that are about fantasy & witchcraft and deception….not enough movies about REAL LIFE! Yes, we all want to escape reality a little & a movie can be good for that. But a movie can also help us look outside of ourselves & find inspiration & motivation to make a difference in the world for ourself or for others…like this movie! I love to surround myself w/ reminders that my life is small in the BIG scheme of the world, and this movie looks like a heartwarming opportunity to be part of something special.

  4. Shannon Stevens says

    oh these pleas to pick me are so tough. but, i’ll give it a go….

    i rarely go to the movies. the last movie that i saw in the theatre was…well, i dont remember. i had not heard about this movie until i came to check out the blog that i submitted (Homeless Connect). it piqued my interest because of the work that i do. so why pick me? 1. going to a movie would be fun, its been awhile. 2. this would provide me another way to look at homeless issues, the things that i work for as a VISTA. 3. im a VISTA so free things always sound nice-this is a double winner because it looks super interesting.

  5. Christine Cheng says

    I want to go because I LOVE ED HARRIS!

  6. stephanie says

    Actually the person that really wants to see this movie is my boyfriend. He runs a drug and alcohol treatment facility and a homeless shelter. This movie really touches on both those issues and how they never really go away you just really have to manage them. It mean a lot for him to see it. Plus it look really good!

  7. admin says

    And the winner is…Stephanie! When we heard your boyfriend runs a homeless shelter, we realized you all HAVE to see this movie!

    We met the twins yesterday ( and they are simply amazing. Smart, nice and extremely polite, their story is truly inspirational. This couldn’t have happened to 2 nicer guys!

    Thanks to everyone for submitting comments! We really appreciate it!

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