Found: Betty White Officially Lives in Sacramento

See the resemblance?

By Laura Braden

You heard it here first – Betty White has officially moved to Sacramento…Well, not Betty White on the left – Betty White 2.0 on the right.

Betty White (or BW to her close family and friends) is a 2 year old Bichon-Poodle mix that I adopted last week through Friends of Sac City Animal Shelter.

I’ll be the first to admit that I prefer bigger dogs that act like…well, dogs. Betty White doesn’t bark/yap, she doesn’t fetch, she doesn’t jump, and she doesn’t like to do her business on wet grass (she’s snoring at my feet while I write this post). But with a crazy work schedule and a 1-br apartment, I thought it would be a little mean/unfair to bring a Golden Retriever into the mix.

We’ve discussed the importance of adopting animals on the blog before (here, here and here). But what I wanted to clear up is just how many small, apartment-friendly dogs exist in our shelters.

Lovers of Pit Bulls, Boxers and Lab mixes know that the picking-is-a-plenty at the local pound or SPCA. But when I tell most people that I adopted Betty White 2.0, they’re surprised – or just flat out don’t believe me.

I spent the entire weekend visiting the city shelter, the county shelter, the Sacramento SPCA – and all of them were filled with small dogs. Yes, there were a ton of Chihuahuas (way too hyper for my taste), but there were also terrier mixes, Jack Russell’s, Poodles, Pomeranians and Yorkie mixes.

So Where Can You Find Your FurKid?

The easiest resource is Petfinder – which allows you to search by zip code and apply filters like age, breed, and size. But here are a few others…


  • Be patient with the process – I had to fill out an application form and be approved before I could even go meet Betty White. Some of the breed specific rescues require a home visit before you’re allowed to meet their dogs.
  • Are you obsessed with Bichons? Golden Retrievers? Bull terriers? German Shepherds? Almost all breeds have a Northern California rescue chapter. Google it! Pound dogs really are the best dogs, but I understand the attachment folks have to certain breeds. Many rescues even have puppies so this is ALWAYS a better option than a puppy store (do these even still exist??) or breeder.
  • Be honest about the personality you’re looking for. I almost adopted the cutest Retriever mix, but in the end went with Betty White because she gets along great with cats, dogs – and is super mellow. I realized that I don’t have the time to fix bad habits, so I needed a pup who was already equipped to handle my lifestyle. So be honest, it’ll work out better for you – and your new pup.
  • Be patient with them once you bring them home. You have no idea what they’ve been through (all I know was that she was abandoned in Placer County – I have no idea if she’s suffered abuse, neglect, etc), and it’ll take about 2-3 weeks for them to warm up to you. I’m still not convinced she knows that I’m her mom – or that Betty White is her name. But every day she warms up a little more, and I swear it’s as gratifying as watching a child take its first steps.
On the road again!

Oh, and she’s named Betty White because of my obsession with Golden Girls and because she doesn’t have the personality of Blanche Devereaux or Sophia Petrillo. She’s also has had a long acting career and history of animal advocacy (she even came to Sacramento to welcome the Giraffe and did a benefit with the Sacramento SPCA).

So while I would never encourage anyone to get a pet unless they’re really ready for one, I would encourage to give #AdoptDontShop another look.

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  1. Jamie says

    I cannot wait for Betty White to meet Mister Wilson…. it may be a match made in heaven! This is a great piece on shelter pups – they really do make the best pets!

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