Girl on the Grid: Char Hall of Side Show Studios (Part 2)

Char Hall of Side Show Studios invites us  into her Side Show – Part 2 (See Part 1 here)

By Chantel Elder

I walked into Sideshow Studios last Saturday around 6:00. As mentioned in last Friday’s post, I was invited to document Char Hall of Sideshow Studios “at work” on a tattoo. Although working, she was also enjoying all the surroundings of Sideshow’s Second Saturday Event featuring textiles.

Everyone was decorated with amazing corsets, fabulous make-up and hats and costumes with such love and time dedicated to them that it couldn’t be considered anything but art. I wanted to share my experience pictorially with you all as it proved to be yet another piece of evidence that our little city has some small piece of interest going on at all times.

While this woman was hand spinning dyed wool into yarn as a demonstration, Char worked on a lovely floral piece as the festivities surrounded her.

I love all the soft petal detail of the orchids on this woman’s back…

This woman was wearing a six foot dress that was handmade by the same woman that made all of the fantastic hats everyone was wearing.  Everyone was in chipper spirits and had lots of information on the textiles that were on display.  If you missed it this year make sure to look for the annual textile art show next year!

Guest blogger Chantel Elder is a partner at Eleakis & Elder Photography (Land Park) with a background in photography & marketing.  Aside from loving all things photography, I also am a self proclaimed “dog lady.”  I love cheese of any kind (accompanied by wine), gardening (even though my fiance says my thumb is black), and I will try just about anything once.  I have a very serious distaste for Barry Manilow (how did he get famous anyway?!) and in my spare time I can be found blogging all of my photographic discoveries.  If you would like to follow my own weekly rants and raves, my blog can be found at

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