Who Wants Free Tickets to Local Paso Robles Wine Tasting Event?

Winos Unite: Paso Robles Wineries are Headed to Sacramento

By Julie Soderlund

Thought that title might get your attention.

I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing I love better than a glass of vino after a crazy day. Being from Santa Barbara and living most of my life in California, maybe it’s just in my blood. I would like to think that I’m not a wine snob, but let’s be honest, I kind of have become one. Living in Sacramento certainly hasn’t helped that situation either! The proximity to some of the best grape growing and wine producing regions in the world is one of the reasons I tolerate living so far away from the beach.

So I was psyched to hear that the 2010 Grand Tasting Tour – featuring premier wines from Paso Robles – is making a stop in Sacramento next Tuesday, April 20!

Attendees will enjoy appetizers and taste award-winning and nationally acclaimed wines from more than 30 winemakers throughout California’s third largest wine producing region. Tickets (which you can buy here) are $45 in advance or $55 at the door, with a portion of proceeds from ticket sales donated to Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services.

However, one lucky girl on the grid is going to receive 2 FREE TICKETS! All you have to do is leave a comment below with why you deserve to go – the girl with the biggest obsession, or the biggest need for it, with vino wins! (We’ll announce the winners on Monday (4/19) morning!)

And if that’s not enough to wet your palate, check out these smaller (IE more intimate) winemaker dinners and tastings!

Retail Tastings – Friday, April 16

Beyond Napa Wine Merchants
2580 Fair Oaks Blvd., Sacramento, CA
Will be sampling Four Vines Winery
Time: 3 -7 p.m.

Nugget Market
157 Main St., Woodland, CA
Will be sampling J.Lohr Vineyards & Wines
Time: 5 – 7pm

Winemaker Dinners – Monday, April 19

Join us for a unique winemaker dinner where we pair up to five Paso Robles wineries at each dinner with dishes at some of Sacramento’s marquee restaurants.  Meet the winemaker and experience how the creative culinary talent of Sacramento pairs with the premium wines of Paso Robles. (Note: Additional details on winemaker dinners will be posted here when as they become available.)

Grange Restaurant & Bar (Click to View Menu)
926 J Street, Sacramento

Lounge ON20
1050 20th Street, Suite 100, Sacramento

Mulvaney’s B&L (Click to View Menu)
1215 19th Street, Sacramento

McCormick  & Schmick’s
1111 J Street, Sacramento

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  1. Tabitha says

    I’d love to enter to win the tickets….sounds like a fun event!

  2. Jennafer Hughes says

    Why oh Why do I deserve it…
    Who doesn’t need a night out? Everyone! I’m hoping someone out there has a soft spot for the girl who has just graduated college, is trying to hold a job in the real estate field that actually pays her bills and doesn’t actually have time to use the bar she purchased for her new house. Choosing me would be a wonderful thing for the economy! If I like the wine, chances are I will whip out that trusty plastic in my wallet and buy buy buy! See, you would be doing the whole state of California a favor by collecting my sales tax!

  3. Katie J says

    Well hello there Girls on the Grid!

    So I recently ran across your facebook page and thought perhaps I would plead my case on why I would be the most fabulous candidate in Sacramento to win free wine tasting tickets!

    I was introduced to alcohol freshman year of college when I attended one of “Playboy’s Top 10 Party Schools” otherwise known as San Diego State University. I was immediately infatuated and thought I must explore more into the mind altering, clothes removing substance that makes you immediately scream “I love this song” at the first recognition of any song blasting on the radio that you might recognize. This weekend activity (of choking down expensive Popov vodka that fraternity boys so generously provided to women wearing an amount of clothes comparable to fitting a condom on the trunk of a giant sequoia tree) lasted for the remainder of obtaining my marketing degree. Thank you again men of SDSU for taking 20 years off my lifespan and prepping me for future liver failure.

    After college, it was time to mature and refine the tastes of my palate. I decided now would be the time to see what the big deal was with wine that was always glued to the hands of women vying for attention from the infamous “Bachelor.” Being a struggling post college graduate, I began my wine obsession with good ol “2 buck chuck.” I immediately fell in love and devoted my after work hours to spending time with my new significant other. We laughed together, cried together, and fell asleep together all while catching up on the highly important happenings of reality television for the week. Eventually, I had to break up with “Chuck” and move on to a more classy and sophisticated man. Since then I have dated many men of different colors and from different regions of the globe and might I say I enjoy them all. Having never visited the “men” of Paso Robles, I see this opportunity as an exciting yet nervewracking journey, but this Sacramento native is up for the task….


    Sacramento’s newest wine lover Katie J

  4. Chantel Elder says

    I deserve it! I want it and here are the reasons why!

    1) I have Tuesday off and no plans as of yet!
    2) I am trying to force my fiance to learn to love wine and get away from exclusive beer drinking
    3) I love to comment on GOTG
    4) I love helping non-profits
    5) I am typing on my knees!
    6) Who am I kidding, I can’t compete with the comment above me!

  5. Lori R. says

    I’m newly married, just moved to Sacramento and just started a new job, so money’s really tight. I love wine — having a glass when I get home from work, or when I go out to eat — but since we’re trying to save money, there’s no extra cash to go out or to buy wine. Winning these tickets would give me a chance to go out with my husband and have some wine!

  6. admin says

    Thanks y’all – keep the comments coming – we’ll announce the winner on Monday (4/19) morning!

  7. Beth says

    Because I NEED A LIFE!!! All I do is WORK!!! How the can a girl even meet new people if all she does is work??? All work and no play is making me very very cranky (GRRR!!!)!!! Pick me! Pick me!! Pick me!!!!

  8. Carolyn Becker says

    Five and a half weeks ago, I delivered a beautiful baby boy. If that’s not reason enough for me to sip some well-deserved wine, consider this:
    1. I didn’t have more than a sip of wine for 9 months! Who, in her right mind, goes that long??!?
    2. My social calendar these days includes trips to the pediatrician’s office and watching the 6am news. Nuff said.
    3. I will be in Paso later next week, and am in desperate need of restocking my wine rack! This is the perfect opportunity.

  9. admin says

    We’re happy to announce that Carolyn Becker is the winner of the 2 free tickets!

    It was so hard to choose – all of y’all were deserving! But when we read that we could single-handedly help her break her dry spell, we couldn’t resist. No vino for 9 months – that baby better appreciate it! 🙂

    Have fun Carolyn – and thanks to everyone for submitting their comments!

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