Interview with Pinkberry’s Tariq Munir

By Laura Braden

I just had the pleasure of interviewing Tariq Munir, a local businessman with a rich history of restaurant development, who has partnered with Pinkberry to bring the yummy yogurt shop’s first stores to the state’s capital.

And Tariq didn’t disappoint. He’s a wonderfully sweet and smart man who is passionate about the community. Originally from Pakistan, Tariq moved to California in 1992 after completing his MBA in Houston, TX. What brought him to Sacramento was the opportunity to own a multitude of restaurant franchises, namely IHOP. When he moved to Sacramento, there were only three IHOP in the areas. Now, he owns 20 (I asked if he gets all he-can-eat free pancakes whenever he wants and sadly, that is not one of the perks).

While on a recent visit to Los Angeles, he visited a Pinkberry and fell in love the product and the company’s concept. They don’t want to simply be a yogurt shop – they want to be an experience, complete with fun music and beautiful/high-end furnishings (including an awesome pebble floor, as well as tables/chairs from Italy). And not just anyone can work at Pinkberry either – they strive to hire the right personality to leave the customer feeling good.

Pinkberry fell in love with Tariq too, and the partnership was born. Tariq is opening the first store in the Howe ’bout Arden shopping center with plans to open six more in Sacramento. As for Midtown, he said they’re still looking for the best location that provides enough parking in the right part of town.


  • First store will create 24 new jobs in Sacramento.
  • Tariq says you have to try the Original and Pomegranate Swirl (includes blueberries and almonds).
  • He’s making Pinkberry a family affair: two of his three daughters will work at the store – and if he’s anything like my Dad, those poor girls are going to be the most over-worked employees he has! 🙂

And don’t forget, head to Pinkberry tonight from 6-10pm for a free sample of yogurt. All the deets are here!

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