Found: Best Patio Bars/Restaurants on the Grid

Patio at MIX Downtown

By Laura Braden

I don’t want to jinx anything, but I think spring and warm weather are right around the corner.

Forget about the weather advisories and expected rain and hail, I’m trying to focus on next week’s forecast of high 60’s-low 70’s.

April-May is that blessed time of year in Sacramento – between the incessant rain and the extreme dry heat – where you can walk to work (without having to change when you arrive) and where Sacramentans try to squeeze every last second of sunshine outdoors.

So where are the best places to take advantage of this weather? Sacramento has a plethora of outdoor seating, but some patios reign over all others. Here are my favorites…

Date Night or Girls’ Night Out

  • Mulvaney’s (1215 19th Street) – Small and private, their patio feels like you’re sitting at a European resort or someone’s REALLY nice backyard. Very romantic.
  • MIX Downtown (1531 L Street) – With comfy couches, fire pits, and a bar no more than 6 feet away, what else could you want? My fave time to go is from 5:30-8pm – before the reserved tables, rope lines and cover charges begin.
  • Paragary’s (1401 28th Street) – Private and pretty, their patio has a ton of plants and water features. Bigger than Mulvaney’s, but still has an intimate/cozy atmosphere.

Celebrations or Private Parties

  • Lucca Restaurant and Bar (1615 J Street) – Their patio feels more like a small backyard with beautiful flowers, high walls (barely any noise), and tea lights. Great space to have small and elegant birthday dinners. If you think you just saw the Governator at the next table, you probably did. He loves the place too!
  • Michaelango’s (1725 I Street) – Again, their patio is really much more like a backyard – complete with plants, sculptures, tea lights hanging in the trees, and picnic tables. It’s casual and unpretentious, and the staff bend over backwards to make your event special (I threw a graduation party with 30 guests here last year, and it was stressfree and easy to organize).

Day Drinking or Lunch

  • Old Soul at the Westherstone (812 21st Street) – Old Soul has a great patio that’s almost always cool – even with the Delta breeze. Extremely casual, swing by here any given Saturday morning, and you’re sure to see an impromptu chess tournament, couples with strollers reading the paper, and students hunched over their lap tops. Did I mention the coffee is amazing and all their baked goods are made in-house?
  • Beach Hut (2406 J Street) – Looking for cheap beer and sandwiches as big as your head? Then Beach Hut is the place for you. Every weekend, people on beach cruisers pile into this amazing – dog-friendly – deli.

EDITOR’s NOTE: What we’d miss? Where do you spend these glorious warm days? Let us know by leaving a comment below or emailing us girlsonthegrid AT gmail DOT com.

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  1. Patrick "SMEB" Harbison says

    Snaps! No pation list can be complete without Hanger 17 – Their outdoor patio is killing it!

    I’d also give a shout out to Chevy’s on the river. The food is absolute ass, but you can’t beat the river views.

  2. Becky says

    Some other great patios to check out:
    Happy hour patios:
    Spataros (L St & 14th) – Small but nice patio with a great happy hour til 630pm.
    L Wine Lounge (L between 18th & 19th) – Great back patio area that is quiet and you can spend hours there with friends.
    58 Degrees (18th between L and Capitol) – A small patio but if you can get a seat, its located on a great people-watching street.
    Tuli Bistro (S & 21st) – Nearly the entire restaurant is on the patio – its atmosphere, food and awesome wine list makes this a-must for this summer!

    Brunch Patios
    Tower Cafe (Broadway & 16th)- The best patio for a nice morning to hang out with friends. Although its on Broadway, with all of the trees, you would never know it.
    Riverside Clubhouse (Riverside Blvd past Target) – This patio is a two-fer – its a great patio for nice spring/summer days to dine with your friends during the day and it also has a big outside fireplace for those nice summer evenings.

  3. Chantel says

    Dad’s kitchen on Freeport! I thought it had closed but it turns out they are just remodeling and stuff!! He-llo blood orange cider and patio summers!

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