Discussion: What Do YOU Want To See On K Street?

Promises made and promises broken: how many times have we heard that K Street is finally going to get cleaned up? But it looks like plans may actually be moving forward…

On Monday, four developers presented their (very different) visions for revitalizing the 700-800 block of K Street.  Per KCRA, the proposals are:

  • Downtown Mixed Use Development: Three new buildings and renovation of the Bel-Vue building. It would have 360 “green” housing units, retail space and open courtyards.
  • 700-800 K Street, LLC: Retail and office space, along with low-income and moderate residential housing, retail space and a new four-level building with market-rate housing.
  • Promenade on K Street: Preservation of historic building facades and shopping space, along with a four-story residential housing unit.
  • The AuthentiCity: Mixed-income residential units designed to draw in young, urban residents. It would also include a 2,000-seat entertainment venue, retail space, grocery market, a farmers market, luxury condos and a four-star hotel and a museum.

But is it possible? Is this “change we all can believe in?” Si, se puede? Please, oh please!?!? Word of note to the powers that be, stop pulling at our heart strings and get it done (openly, with plenty of transparency) already! GOTG is comprised of some pretty savvy ladies – not to mention our amazing readers – so we are officially offering to help lead the effort, organize the community, promote the final proposal, whatever you need to make it finally happen!

So fellow gals on the grid – if you could wave a magic wand – what do you want to see on K Street? How would you design it? Which businesses would you recruit? Should it be a shopping mecca or walkable/livable community?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below – or send us any articles/commentary on the topic to girlsonthegrid AT gmail DOT com.

For more information, please check out:

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    1. laura braden says

      I think we need a good mix of everything: apts, lofts and condos as well as locally-owned restaurants, yoga studios and boutiques! Chains are fine, as long as its not excessive. I also LOVE the idea of a farmer’s market – how convenient!

    2. Angeline says

      I like the mix of residential, retail, and entertainment. Local boutiques, restaurants and coffee shops, and maybe something to do–games (Dave&Busters-esque) or art galleries could be a great draw. Definitely think they should keep the historic look of the area.

    3. Ashley says

      I think the development must maintain the vibe of Midtown as a mixed-use community. Housing living side-by-side with commercial real estate. If K Street becomes heavily residential, you will have problems. If it becomes too commercial, you will have problems. A good balance of the two will keep people moving and spending money and exploring. Just look at the block on L Street between 19th and 18th. You have commercial/residential on one side of the road, and too residential on the other side … you have … nothing.

      I love the idea of a Crate & Barrel, a farmers market, courtyards, The California Museum and housing all together.

      (Think a crunchy version of Santana Row in San Jose. Perfect for Sactown!)

    4. Chantel Elder says

      They used to do a Thursday Night Market downtown in the 90’s. I twas pretty awesome! I like the idea of small little specialty businesses – but then I am partial to the small business! Also cute little lofts. I think they need to relocate the grey hound station and it would be a complete change – that always seems to be what keeps it feeling so run down.

    5. Caroline Silveira says

      For heaven’s sake, please don’t build more housing! Sacramento can’t sell the housing it has on the market now! Yes, yes, it sounds great that it would be all “mixed use” but one must look at the reality of our housing market. There is plenty of housing in this area that can support business if they clean up K Street and get some great anchor retailers or eateries. Then that can help support small business.

    6. Jessi says

      I like the Rubicon/St. Anton proposal. I would love to see something like Santana Row on K Street. NO LOW/MODERATE INCOME HOUSING. We’re trying to CLEAN UP K Street. Any housing should be mid-high income and very, very little. These need to be mostly office (up top) and retail on the front. GIVE US A SANTANA ROW!! Give it a hip name, great boutiques, restaurants, outdoor street seating, greenery, pretty night lights.

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