Found: Ashley Robinson Announces Endorsement of ShoeDazzle

By Ashley Robinson

About a month ago, my co-worker came into my office … cubicle … looking really sheepish but excited. And when someone looks both ashamed and giddy, I’m in.

“So, guess what I did this weekend?” she whispered, looking around.

“What?!” I was at the edge of my seat. What could my relatively low-key co-worker have done to solicit such an inquisition?! Did she get arrested? Bungee jumping? Something super extreme and crazy?!

“Ya know how there are beer of the month clubs?” Uhhhh … yea … getting less excited … “Well, I signed up for a shoe of the month club!” Uhhhh … huh? “Well, I signed up for one and I think you might want to do it.”

Ok, my co-worker should not have led in with a beer of the month club reference. That makes me think of my dad and how many times I have been close to signing him up for that because I couldn’t think of anything else to get him for Christmas.

Clearly I am about to digress, so let me continue on with my story … she told me to visit, one of Kim Kardashian’s many projects.

I think KK is this generation’s real-life Barbie. She has the hunky boyfriend, the perfume, the clothing line, the workout video, the television show, a bunch of sisters – like Skipper and Kelly, and lots of shiny vinyl clothes. If I saw her driving around in a metallic pink Corvette, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised.

So, naturally, I wanted to get in on it. I love me some Barbie nostalgia.

Shoe Me Dazzle!

First, let me make myself clear, this is not a SHOE RENTAL institution. If you thought I would endorse people RENTING SHOES, I’m offended. Just stop reading and go somewhere else. You buy brand new shoes, and keep them forever. (Gross, shoe rentals, not a freakin’ bowling alley.)

Secondly, this is not one of those awful online scams where you are stuck being charged even when you don’t want the product. After a bad bout with CDs (explains the Fat Boy Slim in my collection) and acai berry pills (too many to take!), I am really sensitive to these tricksters. There are no hidden charges or crazy add-ons. And you can discontinue your membership at any time.

Thirdly, these shoes are super cute!! And I love getting new shoes!

So, here’s how it works: You initially take a little quiz asking which style/brand you like best of three. Smashbox, Mac or Estee Lauder? Banana Republic, Urban Outfitters or Guess? Stella McCartney, D & G, or Armani? And so on.

At the beginning of every month, ShoeDazzle sends you an email telling you that your selection is ready, woo hoo! Their pro stylists have picked out five shoes specifically for you. This is the part I like best – a pro stylist (yea, I’m totally buying it) picking out shoes for little old me?! And they will give you a wide gamut of ShoeDazzle brand shoes to pick from. Outrageous pink croc pumps to classic black flats, ruffled boots to jeweled sandals.

And the grand total each month is $40, which includes shipping, handling, styling and shoes.

You have five days to pick out a pair, or say you will pass this month (and won’t get charged), or if you miss your deadline, you will get charged, but it will apply toward store credit for the year. Also, if you don’t like your selection, you can tell them to get you a new group to choose from.

Truthfully, I know I probably won’t get a new pair every month … that’s 12 new shoes I don’t really need and about $480 for a year that could be spent elsewhere. (I’m just telling myself that so I won’t actually buy all those new shoes.)

Ready Boots? Start Walking!

Yes, the shoes aren’t the greatest pieces of craftsmanship, but they are on par with Nine West, only more funky, fresh and fashionable. But, they are shoes you will love until they fall apart, and when they do, you won’t regret the purchase.

And, for forty bucks, it’s worth it just to get home to find a big box with a brand new pair of shiny shoes in it and you didn’t have to scavenge through Nordstrom Rack to find them. It felt like a birthday party to pull them out, put them on and try to match them up with your clothes.

At my first selection, I picked out a pair of dark silver pointy kitten heels with metal thingies on them. They are perfect fun work shoes (not as adventurous as I would have liked the first go); they go with everything in a funky way and I don’t think I would have noticed them in a store.

However, I am still uncomfortably breaking them in after about 6 wears and I noticed there is already a little bit of damage. Sigh, you get what you pay for.

But! I am still excited for next month’s selection and can’t wait to see what Barbie, Midge, Christie and all her friends have picked out for me. I highly recommend you check the site out and treat yourself (giddy!) to splurge (guilty!) on inexpensive fashionable shoes (giddy!).

I’m totally in.

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  1. Katy says

    LOVE ShoeDazzle – been a member since last summer. It is the greatest gift I’ve ever given myself!

  2. Chantel Elder says

    THis is rad! …and dangerous! I am going to check it out right now…should I say thank you?!

  3. Lisa says

    I’m definitely going to check this out! Great tip.

  4. izzy says

    i like all the design of youre shoes keep it up kim..:*

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