Discussion: What Local Sacramento Businesses Would You Miss?

By Becky Warren

My good friend in San Diego told me about this really cool project – the 3/50 Project (www.the350project.net/home.html) – which asks the simple question: What three locally owned businesses would you miss if they disappeared?

The 3/50 Project is simple:
3: Stop in and visit your three favorite locally owned businesses.
50: Spent at least $50 a month in locally owned businesses.

That got me to thinking, which Sacramento businesses would I miss the most?

This question made me realize that there are a lot of restaurants, stores and boutiques that I always intend on checking out but rarely take the time to do it. Local and independent businesses are an important part of our community’s character and culture.  I remember a few years ago when Sacramento only had a few restaurants to go to after work – and now Midtown is jumping.

For me, the three I think that I would miss the most are: Taylor’s Market, Mikuni Sushi and Freeport Bakery. What do you think? What are your favorite businesses that you would miss the most?

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  1. Allison Fuller says

    I would miss Tapa the World and Coffee Works. There is nothing I like more than setting up shop at Coffee Works on Folsom and people watching as I work. The staff is so awesome!

  2. Ashley says

    I would definitely say L Bar, Le Petite Paris and Kru. I love all those places and go there on a weekly basis. I would also say Mulvaney’s, University Art (which I think is kind of a chain), and Crazy Mary’s.

    I got a suggestion from Devon to visit Fringe on 21st, and that may be my new favorite store in town. Pretty awesome.

  3. Caroline Silveira says

    1. Nugget Market – a great locally owned grocery store with a warm, inviting ambience (yes, ambiance in a grocery store), and great products, take-out, smoothies, coffee, CHEESE, wine…
    2. 58 Degrees and Holding – even though this wine bar is relatively new, it consistently offers a lovely array of intersting wine, and the staff is so knowledgeable! The food also is excellent. And the attached wine store makes buying what you like easy, at reasonable prices.
    3. Freeport Bakery (agree with Becky!) – Does anywhere else make such delicious and beautiful cakes? And the sugar cookies – love! Seriously, if someone else knows of another bakery – share!

  4. laura braden says

    This is a tough question! Almost think it needs to be broken down by category (bars, boutiques, etc), but if I have to just pick 3…

    1. Kathmandu Kitchen – best chicken tikka masala on the planet
    2. Butch n’ Nellie’s coffee shop – friendly, delicious (try the Bombay latte)
    3. Tower Theater – charming, with a great selection of indie movies/documentaries you can’t find at chain movie theaters

  5. Allison Yee-Garcia says

    I love this concept! There are definitely more than three for me… but, here it goes:
    1) New Roman Bakery – because I can see it from my porch 🙂 and the smell is killer on a Sunday morning.

    2) Rubicon Brewery – sitting inside on a rainy day is fantastic, and sitting on the patio in the summer is to die for. It’s casual, comfortable and as local as it gets.

    3) Tres Hermanas – every city needs incredible Mexican food!

  6. thinman says

    I’d miss Bloem Decor. One of downtown’s most distinctive and enduring floral design shops.


  7. Jamie says

    My list is evidence that I need to get out of Midtown more!

    1. The Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op at S and Alhambra (it’s like Whole Foods — without the pretension)

    2. Coif Salon, 18th and L Streets — home of the best hair stylist in Sacramento, hands down

    3. Old Soul at the Weatherstone, 21st and H Streets

    I’d say I already spend more than $50 a month at each of these spots!

  8. Kari Shipman says

    This is a hard question! I think I want to feature this project on my blog too. Thanks for supporting local & getting people thinking!

    My husband & I couldn’t agree on 3, but here’s some in the running:

    1.) 524 – 524 12th Street. Amazing mexican food.

    2.) The Urban Hive – 1931 H Street. Coworking, innovation, creativity (& my office).

    3.) Salon San Severo – 1931 P Street. Great stylists.

  9. Kendra says

    1. Gluten Free Specialty!
    2. Fleet Feet Sacramento
    3. more Gluten Free Specialty

  10. sacvoter says

    Celestin’s Restaurant

    Hair to Eternity

    Collected Works

    Runner Up would be Paragary’s at 28th and N…but once they stopped serving lunch it dropped down a bit.

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