Ski Bunny Style

By Devon Carey Berrier

Unless it's "Retro Ski Day," this is not a good look.

For those not lucky enough to take advantage of the 3-day weekend by hitting the slopes in Tahoe, no worries.  With any luck, we’ve got at least another month of quality skiing left.  And who says you can’t look cute and put together while out on the slopes?

I ventured off to Tahoe last weekend to try out my skiing skills. Having not skied in about 5 years, my legs and my brain were a little nervous about my success on the fresh powder. While getting myself revved up for a weekend out on the mountain, I realized that I didn’t own any ski appropriate clothing. Eeeek!

I love the ski look from the 70’s–tight pastel colored jumpsuit with bell bottomed legs and a fair isle sweater worn with matching scarf, thick headband, and mittens. Much to my dismay, this look has disappeared and we have yet to see a revival of the original Snow Bunny garb.

Regardless, I was determined to find an outfit that was aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, warm and kept me dry.

I started out at Sports Authority and found nothing… Sport Chalet, also had nothing (they had tons of options for men and children, but not for women). Feeling rather underwhelmed at the options I’d seen, I decided to check out Sierra Snowboard and Ski off of I-80 at Madison Avenue. It was well worth the drive!

Sierra Snowboard and Ski is HUGE–they sell skis and snowboards and anything else you could possibly need for your trip to the snow. They also offer a variety of the best brands. The very helpful and knowledgeable salesperson who assisted me made sure that I had everything I needed and even took an hour and a half helping me decide which pants looked best.

One thing to note ladies: ski and snowboard pants run in very odd sizes. Most of the pants I tried on I needed to get 2 sizes larger than what I normally wear. I eventually decided on pair of super comfortable and relatively cute black pants by Patagonia and a really cute ski jacket by Helly Hansen, some long johns (so cute, I want to wear them under everything), and socks. I tried on just about everything in the store and have some suggestions for you for your next trip to the snow:

  1. Orage “Barbara” Jacket:  Just all around cute—the fur adds gives it a flair that makes it easily worn on the street post-skiing.
  2. Burton “Tango” Women’s Jacket:  I love the floral fabric on this jacket. It is also long enough to cover the bum and is not overly baggy.
  3. Burton “TWC Flared” Pant:  Great fit, not too baggy, and long enough for someone who is on the taller side.
  4. Bogner Jillis Pant 2010:  These are really cute on.  A little bit on the pricier side, but they fit well and flatter the figure.

I had a great time shopping at Sierra Snowboard and Ski. You can also check out their options on their website: I suggest if you are heading to the snow in the near future, you stop here first.

Sierra Snowboard and Ski
5400 Date Ave
Sacramento, CA 95841
(916) 344-1800

And another great place to get some gear is Land Park Ski and Sports:

4207 Freeport Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95822-1319
(916) 451-2800

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  1. laura braden says

    Thanks for the tips Miss Devo!

    Ski pants are SO hard to find! I wish they made leggings out of gortex with a fleece lining! And the “retro pic” is hilarious. My friend who bartends in Squaw says people actually dress that like – the locals call them “Skittles.”

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