It’s Official: Patrick Harbison is SMEB 2010!

After 30 nominations and over 5,200 votes, it’s official: Patrick Harbison is Sacramento’s Most Eligible Guy on the Grid!  Congrats!

Last night was a raging success.  Around 200 Sacramentans came out to Lounge on 20 to celebrate the top 11 bachelors over Flirtini’s and Old Fashioned’s ($1 of each sale went to WEAVE).

Many thanks are in order:

  • Lounge on 20 for allowing us to commandeer their restaurant for the evening, and for giving our winner a free dinner for 2.  🙂
  • WEAVE for partnering with us!  Thanks to our readers who brought clothing donations and thanks to Lounge on 20 for graciously donating some of the drink special sales to their organization.
  • Chantel Elder, Eleakis & Elder Photography for capturing the evening – you are truly talented!
  • Fox 40’s Annalee Penny for serving as our MC and keeping the bachelors in line!
  • Vis a Vis Salon for donating products to a lucky girl on the grid!
  • Our Bachelors for attending the happy hour and being such good sports!
  • Our Readers for nominating such amazing guys and for all the support and positive feedback!

Not sure if we proved that Sacramento isn’t the worst city to be single in, but I think we certainly helped our fair town get back on the right track.  Stay tuned for next year’s contest, where we’ll be adding the Most Eligible Bachelorettes to the mix!

You can view more pictures HERE.

And be sure to check out KCRA’s coverage of the event HERE.

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  1. Joe says

    Congratulations!! Way to go!!

  2. Joe says


  3. Steve-O says


  4. Patrick "SMEB" Harbison says

    Epic times ladies! Thanks again.
    I’ve already alienated half my voting base with obnoxious SMEB demands.

  5. Stacy Fredrickson says

    How the h-e-double-hockey-sticks did Dan Wright not win this?

  6. Marie says

    Looks like a lot of fun.

  7. baby modeling agents says

    I really liked this concept. Normally I would have not even thought of going in this direction.

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