Sacramento Capitol Turns Pink! (Pictures)

By Chantel Elder

Pink used to represent all things girly.  It was the color my bedroom was painted when I was a little kid, and the only time you saw a guy wear it was on Miami Vice.

These days, pink has a much different impression on the world.  Pink represents strength, determination, obstacles and optimism.  It is a color for awareness and camaraderie.

Last night, women gathered around the capital to rally and bring awareness to the issues that face women regarding breast cancer.  Because every single one of us know somebody that breast cancer has affected I thought it was important to be a part of our little city’s efforts in turning the Capitol pink.

The purpose was to bring awareness and encourage women to get regular screenings, but also to highlight the fact that  the Every Woman Counts program has shut it’s doors.  This program aided under/uninsured-woman to get free screenings.

Below are some ways to get involved in the fight against breast cancer locally, aside from supporting such an amazing cause, lots of the events are fun too!

  • KCRA footage of last night’s event. (LINK)
  • The Albie Carson Breast Cancer Foundation is a local foundation that has tons of fundraisers:  cocktail parties, baseball benefits and St. Patrick Day Ping Pong Tournaments complete with corned beef and cabbage plates!  (LINK)
  • Knock Out Breast Cancer is a fantastic website with tons of resources on how to get involved!  Also if you are a breast cancer survivor looking to get a tattoo, you can even apply and find an artist on their website. (LINK)
  • Mark your calendars!  Friday May 14, 2010 is the 9th Annual Breast Cancer Charity Golf Tournament at Empire Ranch. (LINK)

Guest blogger Chantel Elder is a partner at Eleakis & Elder Photography (Land Park) with a background in photography & marketing.  Aside from loving all things photography, I also am a self proclaimed “dog lady.”  I love cheese of any kind (accompanied by wine), gardening (even though my fiance says my thumb is black), and I will try just about anything once.  I have a very serious distaste for Barry Manilow (how did he get famous anyway?!) and in my spare time I can be found blogging all of my photographic discoveries.  If you would like to follow my own weekly rants and raves, my blog can be found at

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