Top 11: GOTG SMEB 2010

We asked and over 5,200 of y’all answered!  Below (in alpha order) are the Top 11 “Most Eligible Bachelors in Sacramento” (nominated by our readers).  Who says Sacramento is a horrible city to be single in?  It’s change we can all believe in.

Why 11?  Well because there was a tie, and we’re more than happy to promote as many bachelors as possible!

Whether you’re single or not, come meet the Top 11 nominees – and find out who got the most votes – at a happy hour at Lounge on 20 on Thursday, February 11 (6-8pm) – right in time for Valentine’s Day!  See full details HERE.

REMINDER:  WEAVE (Women Escaping A Violent Environment) is partnering with our happy hour!  Please bring new or gently used work clothing/suits to be donated to their Suited for Success program, or new sweat pants, t-shirts, and underwear for their Sexual Assault Response Team.


Jason Bryant (32), Legislative Advocate – California Building Industry Association

“We are nominating Jason because he is the entire package.  From the cute blond curls on his head to his always stylish shoes. He’s one of the nicest guys out there. Very respectful to all others and he LOVES his mother. He is smart, charming and fun to be around.  He is profoundly generous in many ways. Always giving of his time, his resources and his heart. He’s got a sweet and kind smile and a twinkle in his eye that can make anyone feel special. The ladies who know him and love him feel blessed and lucky to call him their friend. He would definitely be the best choice the Most Eligible Bachelor of Sacramento.”


Omri Casspi (21), NBA Player for the Sacramento Kings

“Casspi, who was drafted by the Sacramento Kings with the 23rd pick in the 2009 NBA draft, has established himself as one to watch, averaging 13 points and 5 rebounds per game in 28 minutes.  At 6’8″ and 225 lbs., Casspi would stand out in any crowd, but his chiseled features are what capture most women’s attention.  Add to that the fact that he’s the first Israeli to play in an NBA game and a genuinely nice guy, and you’ve got a real catch — one that most girls wouldn’t mind taking home to meet their bubbie. (Note to those interested: Being able to cook kosher is a plus!)”


Matt Cook (33), Purchasing & Facilities Manager at LB Construction Inc

“He is very successful, handsome and funny.  Matt has lived in Sacramento his whole life and enjoys the outdoors and travel.  He is extremely honest and giving.  I would love to see him find the woman of his dreams!”


Kevin Eastman (28), Legislative Director, Asm. Chuck DeVore

“He’s the embodiment of dichotomy: He’s social and out-going, but enjoys time spent in the wilderness, fly-fishing in California’s northern country. He’s athletic and sporting, but is very well-read and thoughtful. He’s great at his job and understands the vagaries of the state legislative process, but enjoys breaking free of the Capitol and spending time enjoying the sights and sounds of Sacramento. He is at home at a dive bar as he is in the halls of power — and can wear hip waders as well as suits. And, if that all wasn’t enough, he’s spiritual successor to Steve McQueen — what more could you want?”


John Goddard (30), Member Development Manager for the California Restaurant Association

“He is kind hearted and everyone who knows him likes him.  He is very smart and extremely funny.  He has had bad luck in choosing the right girl, and I think winning this competition will get him the recognition he deserves.”
“He is extremely smart, full of wit and has the ability to fit in everywhere he goes.”
“He lives and works on the grid! Don’t assume that because he works for CRA that he is anything but fit. He is a gym rat and has been actively training and has great talents including the ability to stand/balance on top of a physio ball. He is incredibly motivating and loves a great challenge both in the fitness world and the work place.”
“John is 30 years old and with the time he takes for his philanthropic passions, dedication to his family and focuses on his professional development it simply amazes me that he is always game to enjoy the fun side of life as well. John is a great guy and he is sure to make a fabulous catch! See ladies…all the good ones AREN’T taken!”
“John has been my friend for 10 years and I’m really hoping he wins this and maybe finds a girl that actually deserves him! Not just deserves him but who also can keep up with his energy and sense of humor! The several times I have peed my pants as an adult (I’m not afraid to admit it) were with John. He really knows how to have a great time and I have never laughed so hard with anyone else!  He is not just a joker, hes also very compassionate!  My 8 month old daughter had medical issues that needed surgical interventions and John has been with me every step of the way, offering support, time and love for me and my family.”


Patrick Harbison (30), Communications Director for statewide association

“Patrick is awesome – A working professional, he is currently the communications director for a major statewide association.  He is very charming, personable and outgoing. He loves to socialize and has a caring heart. Plus, he’s is hilarious!  Patrick’s family owns a winery in Napa Valley so he is clutch for romantic getaways.  He’s been one of my husband’s best friends since high school and I know he can make a luck lady very happy!”


Calley Means (mid-20’s), Director at Mercury Public Affairs

“He is a charming, vivacious gentleman with an impressive, nay, fabulous pedigree. On Tuesday nights, if he’s not out on the town at Mix or Simon’s, he’s sipping red wine and watching Grey’s Anatomy in leopard print boxers. A sensitive man, he finds the show compelling and moving, identifying with the angst of Meredith Grey. During commercial breaks he likes to read poetry, veering towards the dynamic, yearning voice of Elizabeth Bishop.  An eligible bachelor must be multi-faceted. Not just sensitive, caring, and in-touch with the female psyche, Calley offers the ladies of Sacramento something else: adventure. He can throw aside the poetry, turn of the TV, and take women into a world of excitement, and may I say it… danger, the thrill in the loins. He is full of passion and intrigue, stirring the hearts of Sacramento women. Men want to be him; women want to be with him.”


Bismarck Obando (30’s), External Affairs for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Bismarck is one of those guys who doesn’t come along often.  He’s smart, ambitious, charming, kind, generous, funny and a blast to hang out with.  He’d be just as happy and relaxed hanging out with your parents on Sunday afternoon as he would be out on the town on Saturday night.”


Mikhael (Mik) Skvarla (29), Lobbyist, Lucas Advocates

“Mik is a super sweet guy who loves being active outdoors – he cycles, swims and plays water polo.  He lives in midtown with some friends in a house where their backyard was recently redone for a show on the DIY Network.  Mik is a native Sacramentan who went to college in Orange County and loves politics, traveling and floating down the American River.”


Kevin Spillane (40ish), Republican Political Consultant

“I think he could be the Mr. Right that some single Girls on the Grid are looking for.”


Ali Zamanian (28), New Media Manager for Sacramento Magazine

“Ali is the complete package. Both charming, witty, sweet and kind, Ali is always a gentleman. He is well-liked by all who know him, and I’m constantly amazed by how many friends he has and people he seems to know. One of his favorite spots to hang out is L Wine Lounge (they know him by name and even prepare special dishes for him). He has many interests such as photography, golf, wine, food, working out and going out. He also enjoys a good game of Scrabble! He loves Sacramento, particularly midtown, and since I’ve known him for the past three years, he has sought to meet the right woman with whom he can share his interests. I would call him a closet romantic and I know he would do anything for the right girl. I’ve met a few of the girls he has dated, but none of them have been the right “one” for him. He has so much to offer, and I believe that he would be a perfect addition for your most eligible guy on the grid nominations!”


EDITOR’s NOTE:  In case you missed it, check out the shout-out our contest got on Fox 40 Live (LINK) and KCRA (LINK)!

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  1. Ashley says

    OMG! These guys are amazing – handsome, well-rounded, dedicated and have great friends who support them in bachelor contests. Oooh, which one will win? Who will take the rose? Can’t wait!

  2. admin says

    And I love that friends of the nominees are creating Facebook groups to drum it votes/support. It’s change we can all believe in!! 🙂 And I just checked the stats – over 350 votes have been cast so far!

  3. Amelia says

    Love our list!! What a great diverse group of fun guys. Cannot wait for the party on Feb 11!

  4. Lisa says

    Great list! Thrilled to see some single guys that I know and can recommend — plus some new faces that show the diversity of guys around Sac.

  5. Brian says

    My rose would go to Mik

  6. Wendi says

    So lucky to call some of these handsome gents my friends! Congrats for being nominated guys! You’re awesome!

  7. Brittni says

    Wowzers!!! These men are great! It’s a plus in my book that they all have jobs!!! and they are hot!!! But I have to say my vote goes the the country music artist. Good luck men!!! May the hottest win!

  8. Drew says

    Where am I Laura?!? you know what I’m capable of…

  9. Sarah says

    John Goddard……….a wonderful person!!!!!

  10. vince says

    Ned’s letters are truly dazzling.

  11. Dee says

    Wow Isodore!!! Makes me want to come to sac!!!

  12. Stefani says

    I’ll take Omri Please

  13. Malika says

    Wow – these guys are all pretty good looking…but my vote hands down is for Chad! What a handsome guy!

  14. Joe says

    My vote definitely goes to Patrick! Great guy, fun to be around and a super friend.

  15. Donna Peterson says

    Go Matt!!! He’s a wonderful guy!

  16. Mark says

    Awesome Contest! As a guy we don’t really dream about our dream wedding, holding our first born child for the first time, or how romantic our first kiss is going to be. Those of us who were not prom kings but grew up to be pretty stand up and honorable guys dream about being nominated for a contest like this. In a strange way it helps validate all those years of being respectful, being a good guy, and I’m sure all of the guys on this list (as I would) secretly hopes his first crush sees he was nominated. Awesome Job Guys! You’re all winners!

  17. firestarter_916 says

    You can’t really be serious that guys are hard to find in this town. You can’t really throw a rock without hitting a dude, or 12. There are thousands of sports bars and golf courses and they are filled with dudes. It’s a dude town! What’s really missing is single girls. Most girls in Sactown are locked down by age 23-25.

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