Follow-up: Happy Endings for Snuggly Noel (and her siblings)!

By Jennifer Fearing

Noel (now Leia) with her forever family

The response from my post about my foster puppy Noel on this blog a couple weeks ago was overwhelming!

I saw the link popping up on Facebook pages of friends real and less-so, I received many inquiring emails, and the GOTG editors report more than 600 page views. THANK YOU!

Today I’m happy to report that our darling cutie pie Noel – who was dumped with three siblings in a South Sacramento park in early December – is now a resident of the City of Davis, and mastered the doggy door, connived her way under the covers, and attended puppy kindergarten class all during her first full day with her new family!

Renamed Leia (because it turned out that naming a dog with a name beginning with “No” is kind of tricky), she’s now the happy younger sister of Zena (pictured left with their human parents). Here’s an excerpt from the email I got the day after Leia’s first night in her new home…

“Leia has had quite a day and is crashed out on the sofa. She slept in this morning (on her new mom’s pillow), then hung out at home during the morning. Early afternoon, she went to Petco and picked out a new bed, food, leashes, training treats, toys, and crate. Then, she went to her first puppy-school class where she was quite the star. Turns out she is very motivated by treats. She made an appearance at Special Olympics running practice then went to help Steve assemble a bike trainer – since we knew she had experience assembling things. So, like I said, she is CRASHED!”

Jon and I miss Noel terribly, but we were able to give her up only because we found a family that would appreciate and love her as much as we do. Our dogs are happier now that the puppy factor is gone and we’ll give them a little break before I bring another one home. But I WILL bring another one home. If you are interested in providing a life-saving opportunity to a homeless pet, reach out to the City of Sacramento, County of Sacramento, Sacramento SPCA or Happy Tails organizations, among others (HERE and HERE). They all have animal fostering and volunteer programs designed to help support you as you help them expand their capacity to save animal lives.

For all of you whose interest in adopting a new dog (or cat) was piqued by Noel’s story, please visit the Shelter Pet Project, an exciting new campaign by the Ad Council for one-stop browsing of available pets in shelters and rescue groups nationwide. And PetFinder has a really cool new iPhone app for mobile-would-be-petowners-on-the-go. Interested in a purebred? An estimated 1 in 4 dogs looking for a new home is a purebred… I’m just sayin’.

Noel’s story was so popular that the editors have asked me to make this a regular feature… so keep your eyes peeled for more stories of awesome, down-on-their-luck Sacramento pets.

PS – Noel’s entire litter turned out to be a lovely scrum of pups. As of today ALL of them have found new awesome families! Props to rescue pals Patty, Brandy and Megan for the “it takes a village” approach to saving these awesome dogs and ending the tragic petlessness of their new families. Here’s a shot of Noel’s sister Pippy with her parents. Joey and Opal are doing great too.

Jennifer Fearing has the best job in California.  She is the California state director for The Humane Society of the United States, the nation’s largest animal protection organization, advocating for animals throughout the state.  Though recently profiled in the Los Angeles Times, Jennifer prefers to define herself through her Facebook and Twitter efforts.  She lives in Sacramento’s Elmhurst neighborhood with her boyfriend Jon and their rescued pets Yoda and Java (dogs) and Kennedy (cat).  Her previous GOTG post (from our first week) is here.

EDITOR’s NOTE:  We said we wanted to hear from you and we meant it!  Please submit all press releases, tips, reviews, articles and/or commentary to girlsonthegrid AT gmail DOT com.  We can’t promise we’ll use everything but we’ll definitely review everything.  Thanks again Jennifer – can’t wait to see the next article!

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  1. Jeni says

    I am so happy Noel found a good home! I would really like to find a no kill animal shelter to volunteer at in the sacramento area. Any suggestions?

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