Pics of the Week: The Philharmonic’s Scheherazade

By Chantel Elder

This past weekend, the Sacramento Philharmonic performed Scheherazade Saturday night and again mid-day Sunday.  Scheherazade is based on the Tales from 1001 Arabian Nights.

Although musicians played the same music, the concerts were completely different.  One offered the perfect opportunity to get dressed up for a date night, and the other was totally kid-friendly.  But both performances didn’t skip a beat on entertainment.

Saturday night’s performance of Scheherazade was part of the building bridges project titled “Songs of Hope” and was conducted by Nadar Abbassi, a guest Maestro from Egypt.  Incorporating Israeli and Iranian musicians, the purpose was to show the power of music bringing diverse people and communities together.  The concert was nothing short of fantastic.

I am not too shy to say I am new to the whole classical music scene.  I grew up listening to music that was loud and more of a punk rock variety.  And while you can’t slam dance and crowd surf during a symphonic concert, you can relax and cuddle up next to your date.  Let’s be honest, there aren’t a ton of “dress up, date night” opportunities in our fair city, making dinner and the Sac Phil a perfect opportunity to grab your best little black dress and hit the town.

Local Belly Dancers from Jodette’s (

In case you couldn’t make a date of it on Saturday night, Scheherazade was performed again on Sunday, and all the stops were pulled out for the kiddos. As a photographer, I often volunteer my time for local non-profits, so I was happy to attend and snap photos of the fun.  The event had magician acts, belly dancers, a craft center and story telling to set the tone for the slightly acted out performance of Scheherazade.  I always think it is a plus to expose kids to music other than Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Bros.  I don’t have kids so it isn’t always obvious to me how they will react to different music and events, and I was surprised by how much they LOVED it!

Target is a huge supporter of community arts programs and regularly sponsors family concerts with the Sacramento Philharmonic.  If you are looking for something different for either date night or something for the kids check out the Sac Phil’s website for upcoming events.

Guest blogger Chantel Elder is a partner at Eleakis & Elder Photography (Land Park) with a background in photography & marketing.  Aside from loving all things photography, I also am a self proclaimed “dog lady.”  I love cheese of any kind (accompanied by wine), gardening (even though my fiance says my thumb is black), and I will try just about anything once.  I have a very serious distaste for Barry Manilow (how did he get famous anyway?!) and in my spare time I can be found blogging all of my photographic discoveries.  If you would like to follow my own weekly rants and raves, my blog can be found at

EDITOR’s NOTE: Disclaimer – Laura Braden, co-editor of GOTG serves as publicist for the Sacramento Philharmonic.


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