(Little, Snuggly) Girl on the Grid Seeks (Forever) Home (Grid preferred, but suburbs negotiable)

by Jennifer Fearing

Noel needs a forever home!

While GOTG is presently looking for eligible bachelors, I’ve got a bachelorette to nominate.

The best kind… one who is easy to train, isn’t picky about what’s for dinner (and won’t tell anyone if you have two servings of dessert), will come when called, will watch all your favorite shows without complaint (even Jersey Shore), and most importantly, will run to greet you every time you come home.

Who am I talking about? Noel, of course. My foster puppy (pictured here “helping” me strip the bed).

Though the organization I work for encourages families to think carefully through the lifetime commitment involved when adopting a new pet during the holidays (and strongly warns of the heartache associated with buying pet store puppies), I confess each year as December rolls around, I too have the urge to partake in the mayhem and cuteness that comes along with bringing a new puppy into the house. For the past several years, no matter how little sense it made and no matter how many complications acting on this impulse generated for my holidays, I have fostered at least one puppy (in 2008 I took in three – I know, insane). What better way to ring in the New Year than with a little housetraining paid for in puppy breath, right?

Noel – Holiday 2009 “project”

So in mid-December when fellow dog rescuers posted a plea to a local animal lovers’ email list I subscribe to telling Noel’s story, I made one quick call to my boyfriend to enlist him in the effort (a courtesy I have promised to him though he probably knows that telling me “no” might not go over so well…bless him), and was in my car, headed to South Sac to grab her.
Noel was part of a four-pup posse of four-month-olds abandoned in Vintage Park. The only plausible story we can surmise is that someone’s pair of Great Dane-Boxer-Pit bull dogs got together earlier this year and bah-da-bing-bah-dah-boom, Noel and her siblings came into the world, and after four months the owners put the pups out on the street (a crime in California, by the way). Picked up by a Good Samaritan neighbor, the pups were being driven around the neighborhood with the (sweet but a little naïve) driver hollering out the window, “Anybody lose four puppies?” Um, no, pretty sure no one “lost” them… but I digress.

Poor critters were clearly malnourished, wormy, un-housetrained… you get the picture. Four of us stepped up to foster each of the pups and we’ve who has had the pleasure of having Noel in our home for the last month or so. And now, having proven her mettle at desk disassembly (check out hilarious video here and more here), Noel is ready to snuggle with… you?

About Noel

Noel is not the largest of the puppies. She weighs almost 30 pounds now at approximately five months old. She has a very soft and smooth bluish-gray (almost Weimaraner color and feel) coat with some white on her chest, feet and face. Her hair doesn’t shed (score!).

In my decade of fostering now more than 100 dogs, I can honestly say I’ve not ever been as convinced of the inherent sweetness of a dog as I am with Noel. She is absolutely delightful, snuggly, adaptable, calm and loving, well-mannered, and curious. She isn’t a licker and doesn’t jump up on people, which explains why my friend’s children (ages 5 and 9) have enjoyed their time with her, when other puppies of mine have overwhelmed them. She did very well at a party I had and actually put herself to bed in her crate when she’d had enough. She’s a champion sleeper and LOVES to curl up and spoon with you. She’s comfortable with men.

Noel also loves other dogs. She wants to play but will take her cues from what kind of relationship/play the other dog wants and modify her style. She is interested, but not much, in my cat, so no worries there. She is really just an agreeable, balanced, sweet puppy. It’s amazing considering how little (if any) human socialization she got during her first months, but sometimes nature prevails over nurture.

Thanks to the fine folks at the Sacramento SPCA spay and vaccination clinic, Noel was de-wormed, spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped before Christmas and all went well. She spent two weeks with one of the area’s top dog trainers while we were away for Christmas/New Year’s. She’s nearly house trained and the trainer also reported that Noel got along very well with the other dogs at her home. She called her the “belle of the ball.”
If you’d like to meet Noel and start collecting “oohs” and “ahhs” from all your friends, contact me today. Whoever gets this adorable pup is in for a lifetime of unconditional love and laughter.

Jennifer Fearing has the best job in California.  She is the California state director for The Humane Society of the United States, the nation’s largest animal protection organization, advocating for animals throughout the state.  Though recently profiled in the Los Angeles Times, Jennifer prefers to define herself through her Facebook and Twitter efforts.  She lives in Sacramento’s Elmhurst neighborhood with her boyfriend Jon and their rescued pets Yoda and Java (dogs) and Kennedy (cat).  Her previous GOTG post (from our first week) is here.

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