On-the-Grid Shopping: Newsbeat

By Lesley Miller

There are two simple things in life that bring me much joy: celebrating people’s birthdays and reading a magazine. Fortunately there’s a store in midtown that allows me to do both, even on my busiest days.

Cute gifts at Newsbeat
Cute gifts at Newsbeat

Newsbeat, located in the Marrs complex on J and 20th streets, provides a sense of much needed peace and inspiration upon entering, plus it will save any woman in a jam. Newsbeat is my go-to for last minute birthday cards, baby shower gifts, engagement party trinkets or a pack of candy plus the largest selection of magazines you’ll find anywhere in the region.

There’s a few things I love about this store, besides the fact they let me stand there as a gawk and gasp about Jon and Kate on the cover of US Weekly.

First, it’s locally owned and operated by Janis and Terence Lott who are often found at the front counter eager to answer questions. It’s evident Janis loves what she does, proclaiming she rarely shops for herself anymore because she’s so absorbed in finding new items for the store.

Which brings me to my next point- Newsbeat is always changing based on customer needs and preferences. At one point this year they had a large baby section, which I personally loved because my friend’s expanding waste lines which seem to require gifts almost weekly.

Some days, I arrive at Newsbeat without any intention of buying a thing; it’s a space for my mind to wander (a rarity for any busy gal) before I pick up a slice of pizza and head back to the office for a long afternoon of work. Most of the time, I end up leaving with just a little somethin’ somethin’. Here is a sampling of items you can expect to find at Newsbeat:

Newspapers/magazines: everything from the state’s major daily papers, to Marie Claire, International Figure Skating magazine, Sojourners, Dirty Linen (folk music) magazine and Crochet Today. For those who travel, check Newsbeat before your next trip to pick up a magazine from your destination city like Santa Barbara, Phoenix or Seattle.

Gifts: a Michelle Obama reusable gift bag by Blue Q.  Or, check out this lovely pink Seltzer notebook for only $8.00.  Newsbeat also has a selection of kids’ books and adorable little plates that could be topped with homemade cookies or a package of Haribo candy.

Cards: My weakness. I just can’t help myself!

Next time you’re juggling kids and messes, deadlines and dinner—pop by Newsbeat. It’s a breath of fresh air and will save your butt the next time your forget a friend’s birthday. Trust me.

Lesley Miller is the media director for 3Fold Communications, a creative agency delivering marketing strategies for cool clients doing good things nationwide. You can find her blogging about marketing here, (link: www.3foldcomm.com/blog) or discussing topics like marriage, cupcakes, running and travel at her blog, Barefooton45th.com.

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  1. Kimberly @ Poor Girl Eats Well says

    I used to work at the Newsbeat in Davis many years ago and let me tell you that Janis & Terrence ARE tireless! They’re some of the hardest working, most genuine folks I know and they truly love what they do. The only problem working there? Staying away from all that amazing imported chocolate. *sigh* Anyway, I have yet to visit the new Sac location but thanks for reminding me about it! I definitely want to see their new digs.

  2. Robin says

    I miss having them at 10th and L streets close to MY office! (-;

  3. Jamie says

    Also, they allow dogs in their store and always have a treat for mine 🙂

  4. Amy says

    I love that they have the international versions of fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, etc.

  5. Suzanne : : S.HOPtalk says

    Excellent article Lesley–you captured the essence of Newsbeat perfectly. I only recently discovered it and LOVE it.

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