It Will Cost How Much For a Kiss?!?

By Joahn Fauchier

Let me tell you this right off the bat.  I am not one of those people happily sipping an eggnog latte from Starbucks lamenting about the ‘commercialization’ of this holiday season.  I happen to love the commercialism. I have driven down the Fab 40’s about sixteen times to see the lights, love buying too many gifts, and listen solely to Christmas music from Dec 1st through the entire holiday season.  (It’s very possible that I’ve even gone to the mall to see Santa.)

However annoying people like I am, I think we would all agree that being surrounded by cheer and joy (even in the form of an incessantly ringing bell outside Raley’s) is rather infectious. I am always pleasantly surprised by the change in demeanor of even the most hopeless of causes.  Yesterday, the cheer of the season even elicited a mumbled hello and a half smile from my grumpiest neighbor. The one who emerges weekly to grumble about how my yapping dogs keep him up at night (mind you, I do not have a dog-not even a cat or a hamster).  Although he sulked back into his apartment after I called back an over-excited greeting that came out resembling a squeal, I saw in him a glimmer of the season’s influence.

As much as I love the commercialism, and what it seems to do to my grouchy neighbor, I do not love all the commercials.  There is one jewelry company in particular that seems to flood every channel with its horrendously cheesy holiday commercials.

Sure, I understand it is the perfect time of year to get overly sentimental, perhaps even a little sappy, with commercials.  Our hearts are as open as our wallets and we are in the mood for anything that warms our spirits.  There is so much potential for a company to capitalize on this opportunity.  Take, for example, the Hallmark commercials.  Yes, they are a bit overdone but even my boisterous and hard-nosed Grandfather gets suspiciously quiet when they come on.

However some companies get it so wrong. For example, how does this specific jewelry company get it so wrong?  Even the tagline ‘Every Kiss Begins with Kay” is insulting.  They are insinuating, scratch that, outright saying, that for a man to receive a kiss he must fork over jewelry.  Tell that to the 2 am crowd stumbling out of The Park on a Saturday night.  How about their latest commercial with the storm? It looks like there is a serial killer lurking outside a lady’s window during a storm and suddenly he hands her a necklace and then she will be safe from harm forever — Seriously?

In a time where sentiment and emotions seem to warm us like a nice whiskey on a cold night, how could Kay get is so wrong? Gentleman, I confidently speak for all of us ladies when I say that you have a very good chance of getting a kiss from us without Kay.  On the off-chance you are pursuing a kiss from a gal that doesn’t agree?  Run fast and far in the other direction.

Jessica and Joahn Fauchier are founders of Joahn is currently a Medical Device Sales Representative in the Central Valley area.  She went to Santa Clara University for her undergraduate degree and received her Executive MBA at Pepperdine University.  She enjoys anything sports related-especially football. Joahn loves spending time with her family, drinking good wine, patriotism and witty banter among good friends.  Jessica (fourteen minutes younger but half an inch taller than Joahn) is currently a Medical Device Sales Representative in Northern California.  She received her undergraduate degree from Santa Clara University and focused on Middle Eastern Studies in the International Affairs Graduate Program at Sacramento State.  Jessica enjoys running, sports, reading and laughing uproariously at her own jokes.

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