Tour de Christmas Lights with GOTG

By Amy Thoma

Tonight Girls on the Grid participated in what will hopefully become a Sacramento holiday
tradition—the Girls on the Grid Tour de Christmas Lights. A group of us met up for a 4-mile fun run through Sacramento’s Fab 40s to check out the festive holiday lights and enjoy our relatively temperate weather.

After running CIM and enduring 18 weeks of 22 mile training runs, double days, 5am wakeup calls, eating as much as my 16 year old cousins and obsessing over pace and distance I knew I needed some running fun to remind myself that running is in fact fun—so I decided to create it.  I emailed a group of friends about a little run through the Fab 40s and was shocked that so many wanted to come.  I love Christmas lights, I love friends and I love running. How can you go wrong?

I named the event Tour de Christmas Lights because I name everything after the Tour de France (I always name my running routes and they include Tour de Parks, Tour de Capitol, Tour de Ghetto… you get the point), sent the invites and got ready to go!

We met up at Big Spoon on 36th and J and I handed out maps (yes, I am Type-A and made color coded maps with turn-by-turn directions) for a 4 mile jaunt through one of Sacramento’s most beautiful neighborhoods. And let me tell you—these houses go all out!

Running through these neighborhoods was hands down the best, most fun and efficient way to
see a ton of great houses and get in the holiday spirit! We took it easy, stopping to take photos of each other, a decorated porta potty and Sponge Bob Square Pants. Seriously.

I think my favorite house was on 43rd Street between Folsom and M Street- this house had Santa, an arrow at the chimney and a whimsical tree in the front yard. Second place goes to the house with the cartoon explosion and the aforementioned Sponge Bob Square Pants.

The whole run felt, as one of the girls put it, like running through a storybook—complete with carolers, kids, limos, twinkling lights, the smell of a fire…  the perfect kick-off to Christmas week.

It felt great to run without a watch or iPod or real agenda for the evening—our only assignment was to have fun!  And we did. Girls, thanks for joining me and I hope that we do it again soon!

If you want to take your girlfriends on your own Tour de Christmas Lights – here’s our route through the Fab 40s – Enjoy and send us your photos!

Begin at Big Spoon—go down Dolores,
L @ M Street
L @ 42nd Street
R @ J Street
R @ 43rd Street
L @ M Street
L @ 46th Street
R @ J Street
R @ 47th Street
L @ M Street—take M to the end of East Portal Park, flip a U-Turn
M Street
L @ 47th Street
R @ Folsom
R @ 45th Street
R @ M Street
L @ 41st Street
R @ Folsom
R @ 39th Street
L @ M Street
L @ 38th
R @ Folsom
R @ 37th Street
R @ M Street
R @ Dolores
Congrats you’re done! (CAUTION: I made this route up and my internal GPS is a little scrambled so use common sense.)

What do you think of a monthly Girls on the Grid, no pressure, 4-5 mile fun run each month? If you are interested, email us at girlsatthegridATgmailDOTcom.

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  1. Lesley Miller says

    What a great idea! I really wish I could have come–we had dinner guests last night–but I live right on your route. I could have come out and cheered! 😉

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