‘Tis the Season: How Does One Please Him?

By Jessica and Joahn Fauchier

Do you find yourself strolling through the aisles of Target or Nordstrom’s (quite dependent on your cash flow and the amount of killer shoes in your closet) slowly laboring over the perfect gift for that special man in your life? Perhaps you are wandering past the blue light specials in search of a gift for the boss who cuts your paycheck or your coworker who you know very, very well (despite ever being formally introduced).  It is a delightful yet stressful time of year.  A gift can speak volumes just as easily as it can click mute.

So how do you choose that perfect gift for the man in your life? This is obviously a personal and situational decision but we would like to offer five fool-proof gift giving tips:

1.) Imagine him opening it. You will be surprised how many ‘really cool but quirky gifts you will thankfully put back in the bin.

2.) Think about how you would describe him to your Mom or girlfriends.  Take a couple of those key descriptions (positive ones of course) and see if there is a corresponding gift. So he is a total workaholic who has an obsession with Gossip Girls? Give him the whole first season on DVD with a bean bag lap desk to place his computer on while he indulges in his guilty pleasure.

3.) Make it personal.  Not in a creepy, ‘here is a collage of all the receipts from the taco truck we frequent at lunch’ kind of way. More in a way that shows you notice him.  Notice the Sharks jersey he sports whenever possible or the way he sings enthusiastically to The Cranberry’s when they come on the radio.

4.) Maybe the lad you are shopping for either has everything he could ever want or need or he has no desire for the frivolities of worldly goods.  You still have options.  Give him the gift of an event.  Perhaps tickets to a boxing match, a sporting event or even a Celtic Woman performance (if that is what he is into).  Nothing says I care about you like tickets to something fun.

5.) Finally, lets face it ladies, a gentleman enjoys a compliment as much as we do.  If the gift is an outright homage to something he is proud of, you are hitting a gift-giving home run.  Perhaps he ran a marathon?  Remind him of this amazing accomplishment with a personalized Nike Dry-fit with his nickname on it.  Or maybe he just got a promotion to manager? Give him a ‘World’s Best Boss’ mug.

Last tip of advice: be prepared to call an audible.  Let’s say you open his gift first and it is a VERY impersonal Save-Mart gift card. Make sure you have a few blank Starbucks gift cards in your possession so you can be sure to override the scrapbook of memories you were originally intended on giving.

Good luck shopping and Happy Holidays!!

Jessica and Joahn Fauchier are founders of www.soyoulikeher.com. Joahn is currently a Medical Device Sales Representative in the Central Valley area.  She went to Santa Clara University for her undergraduate degree and received her Executive MBA at Pepperdine University.  She enjoys anything sports related-especially football. Joahn loves spending time with her family, drinking good wine, patriotism and witty banter among good friends.  Jessica (fourteen minutes younger but half an inch taller than Joahn) is currently a Medical Device Sales Representative in Northern California.  She received her undergraduate degree from Santa Clara University and focused on Middle Eastern Studies in the International Affairs Graduate Program at Sacramento State.  Jessica enjoys running, sports, reading and laughing uproariously at her own jokes.

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  1. Daniel Vertrees says

    These girls are not only beautiful but smart and generally amazing! I’ve know them since HS and am glad to see they lived up to everything we all thought they would.

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