Found: Personalized Holiday Greetings – The Traditional (and Polite) Way

By Devon Carey Berrier

Holiday card from the Paper Garden

As counterpoint to Laura Braden’s article, I’ve realized recently, while writing wedding gift thank-you notes, that we have moved away from hand writing thank-you notes for a gift received.  Perhaps it is our dependence on modern technology that has moved us away from using a lowly pen to more quickly typing out a short, albeit sincere, thank-you message via either email or text message.  Or, perhaps the etiquette of the old world no longer exists in our fast-paced society. I personally love handwriting thank-you notes. I love cards, pretty pens, stamps and the USPS.

Saying thanks shouldn’t be a burden. It should be fun, honest, and come from the heart. You’ll be surprised at the reaction you get when you hand write a thank-you note to a relative or a close friend.  They won’t expect it and will appreciate the time you have taken to send them a note.

To make your writing experience more exciting, go out and shop around for stationery as individual as you are. Here are three of my favorite places to shop for unique cards and other paper products:

The Pulp Papery
The Pulp Papery

Mixed Bag
2405 K Street

The Paper Garden in Town and Country Village
2601 El Paseo Lane

Pulp Papery
3020 H Street

Just remember this holiday season to give thanks to those around you—they deserve it!

EDITOR’s NOTE:  Looks like fellow Sac blogger Ashlee Gadd agrees with you Devon!  She wrote a great posting on (LINK) on her “mailbox theory” : (excerpt) “If my mailbox is out of sight and out of mind, who’s to say that I am not slowly losing my personal attachment and dedication to it and it’s purpose? Perhaps if my mailbox was placed outside my front door, or directly in front of my home, I would often be reminded of the joy that accompanies a hand-written letter and thus dedicate more time and energy into creating pieces of mail for others.  Then again, maybe I wouldn’t.  But for now, as I reluctantly enter 2010, I am making my first New Year’s resolution.  I resolve to: embrace the glorious purpose of mail, both coming and going, as if the mailbox was attached to my home.”

EDITOR’s NOTE:  What do you think?  E-greetings versus handwritten notes?  Let us know your take – and favorite local and online sources by emailing girlsonthegrid AT gmail DOT com.

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