Review: "Mid Winter Fashion Show" at The Park

By Meagan Brightwell

logoOver the past couple of weeks Sacramento has experienced record breaking low temperatures and even a little snow.  Having spent the last few years in sunny Tempe, Arizona, where it might dip below 70 degrees a few weeks per year, this has presented all sorts of fashion challenges for me.  Do you mean I can’t leave the house in the middle of December in flip flops and that I actually have to wear a coat?

You can imagine my surprise and excitement when I received an invite to Krazy Mary’s “Mid Winter Fashion Show at The Park,” highlighting the new fashion trends of the winter season. Cute, stylish, AND warm clothes on display just 4 short blocks from my office? What more could a girl ask for? I’m in! I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to grab a friend, a drink, and a seat at my first Sacramento fashion show.

When we arrived, the area of The Park Ultra Lounge that usually serves as the dance floor was very festively decorated for the holiday season (apparently hanging upside down Christmas trees from the ceiling serve both décor and lighting purposes – who knew?)  and converted into fashion show headquarters for the night. Complete with a runway, VIP seats, a DJ booth and giant sound system, photog’s, models, and plenty of “fashionistas” I was ready to watch what Krazy Mary had in store for me!   Even if she is “Krazy” – I couldn’t wait to see Mary’s ideas on how to keep warm and toasty in this frigid  and wet weather.

fashionThe first look included scarves, boots, leggings with designs and lots of layers – one model wore a flowy white vest over a baggy t-shirt paired with jeans and brown boots.  Another wore a black and teal plaid button up shirt over a screen printed tee with high rise black pants.  Apparently “layering” is a great way to avoid frost-bite, and stylish too…

Though with all the layers and baggy clothes, I couldn’t help but think of Nicole Riche and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.   Maybe those gals are just trying to keep warm too?  With the long sleeves and long pants included in this first look it proved to be the warmest of the collection, although probably not suitable for rain or snow.

fashion2The second look featured short dresses, bright colors, and high heels.   Though I loved some of these looks, they were in no way going to keep me warm and toasty.  They were more the “out in downtown Sacto/could also work in Vegas” look – a silver tank-top dress, with silver sequins covering the front, black leggings and tall black boots would work perfectly in the club scene of Vegas and it could work at MiX on the popular Wednesday nights as well.

My favorite dress in this particular look was bright, and very flattering. It was rather short, form fitting from just above the knee to the hips but the top of this dress was fun, flowy and flirty.

fashion3The next look featured cocktail dresses just in time for  company holiday parties and New Year’s festivities.  Again – not warm – but very stylish.   Not just for “cougars” anymore, animal print is in,… as evidenced by the gold, black and tan leopard print dress that got everyone’s attention. It was a strapless; form fitted perfectly and went down to just about the knees. The top and bottom of the dress was outlined with gold glitter flakes and definitely made a statement on the runway.  The final dress showing on the runway was the very dress that caught my eye when I went to Krazy Mary’s to pick up the tickets the day before the show. It was also strapless, short, the top was teal with ruching to the waistline and simple black satin on the bottom. This is my personal pick for New Year’s Eve dress that would “wow.” Now, If I can just find some flashy pumps and a long (cute) jacket so I won’t freeze!

fashion4The final look in the collection I have named the “casual/80’s/glam rock/Madonna video” look. Large, white, off the shoulder t-shirts with neon screen print, designed to look like you cut the top yourself, tucked into (only the front) short miniskirts with black sequins and leggings. I totally got the Gossip Girl vibe from this one. Who doesn’t want to look like a 20-something Manhattan socialite who looks like they could pop onto a runway the moment they roll out of bed?

That wrapped up the show. While some of these looks wouldn’t work for me during the winter months here in Sacramento, I was inspired by Krazy Mary’s style and look forward to layering up through the winter months.  I’m also hoping that next time I visit Krazy Mary’s, she can offer me as many fashionable jackets as she can ensemble.

View more pictures HERE.

Meagan Brightwell is a Communications Consultant for Swanson Communications. A native Californian who just couldn’t stay away, I just recently returned from that sauna we call Arizona to the Golden State – although I wish I could’ve brought some of that heat back with me!  I’m a sports fanatic (if you saw Dwight Howard in the ESPN Body issue, you’d convert too), shoe czar ( is my homepage) with a touch of sarcasm, launching my deeper dive into all of what is “the grid.”

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