Styling in Sacramento

By Devon Carey Berrier

Our "fashionista" Devon Carey hard at work!
Our "fashionista" Devon Carey hard at work!

I love to shop. In fact, I love shopping so much that I shop for other people. To prepare two of our founding editors, Julie Soderlund and Becky Warren, for their first on-camera interview to discuss Girls on the Grid with KCRA Channel 3 News, I hit the pavement to look for fabulous outfits in some of Sacramento’s finest boutiques.

I had to keep in mind that these two tend to dress on the more conservative side when getting ready each day.  I knew I probably was not going to be able to put them in dress shorts with booties or a sequin mini with platforms (even though I really wanted to).  I had to think outside their box—I had to come up with options that they would feel comfortable wearing, while still feeling like they were each trying out a new style.

The key thing to remember when putting together an outfit, especially for someone else, is to make it comfortable and approachable.  It is sad to me when I see women who take a trend and wear it without confidence because they don’t really feel comfortable in what they have on.  Trust me ladies – it shows!

So the first step to trying out something new is building on what you already own and love.  Key items to always have in your closet are a great fitting pair of jeans, comfortable shoes that make you feel amazing (and that you can walk more than a block in), and the perfect fitting black dress that you can accessorize for every occasion.

Madam Butterfly at Pavillions
Madam Butterfly at Pavillions

My first stop was Madam Butterfly in Pavilions Shopping Center, a store that I can never leave empty-handed. They carry the most desired pieces and are constantly changing up the looks they offer.  I feel that they have the best selection with collections ranging from Michael Stars to Elizabeth and James—they carry casual attire, business wear, and party dresses (my favorite section).  I was tempted into trying on some new dresses, but got down to business and found some great options for our girls. Among the racks of rich colored dresses, boyfriend jackets, and neon minis (so cute—seriously, so cute), I found some awesome pieces that I knew Becky and Julie would enjoy wearing.

My second stop was Krazy Mary’s at 2527 J Street in downtown Sacramento.  There I found some great pieces that were quite affordable.  They carry dresses by Max and Cleo that are great for work or play and this season’s trendiest jackets from BB Dakota.  What’s great about Krazy Mary’s is they carry items made locally in Sacramento, like belts and scarves—great accessories for any outfit this season.

GOTG Editor Julie Soderlund
GOTG Editor Julie Soderlund

I put together photos of all my new finds and sent them over to my critics—hoping they wouldn’t think I went too far outside the box.  Luckily, they loved the options I produced.  They both ended up with pieces by Cynthia Steffe from Madam Butterfly and will be wearing them during their interview this morning on KCRA Channel 3.  We would love to get your feedback—even though they are wearing black, they are challenging their normal fashion limits and trying out new styles found right here in Sacramento.

Thank you to the ladies at Madam Butterfly for assistance on this project—they have a vast knowledge of their store merchandise and were incredibly helpful answering questions and making suggestions.

EDITOR’s NOTE: Madam Butterfly just recently opened a new boutique store in The Fountains Shopping Center in Roseville. So, for all your girls who live a little outside of Sacramento’s grid, you need to swing by and check them out.

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  1. Melanie says

    I loved what they were wearing but I agree, the dress shorts with booties or a sequin mini with platforms would have been fun! Julie’s gold necklace added a nice pop, though. Love the blog, I’ll have to check out Madam Butterfly!

  2. Bo says

    Was it just me, or did they look like twins this morning?

  3. Caroline Silveira says

    What you say about being comfortable in what your wearing is my golden rule to fashion and style. Not in the sense of the word like wear sweats everyday, but like you said, if you’re not comfortable with the level of style you went with, you will show it. I’ve always called this looking like a FASHION VICTIM. It’s my biggest fear! Throwing on too many trends at once looks like a costume, and jumpting in to trends that really aren’t for you makes you uncomfortable and look like a fashion victim. Good job Devon – I’ll go shopping with you anytime!

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