Old World Traditions on The Grid

By Mary Beth Barber

SMS-2005aWhen I lived in New York City, my friends and I would seek out the serenity of holiday choral music by candlelight at the city’s cathedrals. I thought I’d have to give that up when I moved back to Sacramento, and was thrilled to see the same thing here: the Sacramento Master Singers’ holiday concert series.

The Christmas in America program promises “a quiet and reflective candlelight processional,” as well as some holiday favorites. For myself, I’ve always been partial to the peaceful, meditative quality of quiet choral music by candlelight as a welcome break from the annoying, perky quality of the holidays.

I can’t vouch for the program since I haven’t seen the Sacramento Master Singers yet, but the venue – the beautiful Saint Francis Church in Midtown Sac (26th and K Streets) – has fantastic acoustics and old-world beauty. And knowing that Grammy-winning Native American flutist Mary Youngblood is involved gives me confidence that the concert will create the yoga-like peacefulness I seek.

You have chances to see the Sacramento Master Singers’ “Christmas in America” concert:

  • Sun Dec 13 @ 3pm
  • Sat Dec 19 @ 8pm
  • Sun Dec 20 @ 3pm
  • Tues, Dec 22 @7pm

For the kids!

Sacramento Master Singers also has “Jingle All the Way!” an abbreviated program (45 minutes) especially for the youngsters. Sat, Dec 19 @ 2pm.
For more information, go to www.mastersingers.org.

EDITOR’s NOTE: The Sacramento Master Singers are just one of many choral and music groups locally. Please let us know of other fantastic music in this vein, whether it’s a community concert in a local park, a neighborhood of carolers, or a fantastic choir during a religious service. We wanna know!  Email us at girlsonthegrid AT gmail DOT com

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