Why Everyone Should Run the California International Marathon

By Amy Thoma

Amy Thoma
Amy Thoma

Fall in Sacramento means a lot of things: Apple Hill and the end of temperatures better suited for the surface of the sun.  For 9,000 of my closest friends and I, fall also signals the time to train for the California International Marathon (CIM).

For those of you sane enough NOT to run this race, CIM starts in Folsom and ends at the Capitol. I love CIM.  I love CIM so much that I’m going to run it a second time.

So here are some reasons you should consider running it this year…

  • You can sleep in your own bed and use your own kitchen.  Traveling to races, especially marathons, can be a logistics nightmare.  CIM is essentially in your own backyard.
  • There are tons of training groups including, Fleet Feet, Sac FIT, Athletes in Motion, Team in Training, Train to end Stroke and others who have the expertise and enthusiasm to get first-timers over that finish line. They’re full of great people and a lot of fun.
  • CIM is relatively cheap.  Most marathons will set you back $150 or so, CIM is a mere $75 if you register early.
  • The course is pretty easy. There’s nothing easy about running for 3+ hours, but CIM is a net-downhill course which translates to fast times.  CIM is regularly featured as a “Top 10 Boston Qualifier.”  I’m banking on that this year.
  • If you run a marathon your friends, family and coworkers will treat you like a rock star for a week.  It’s really fun.  My mom even surprised me with new Uggs as a pre-race prize.
  • How cool is it to say that you ran from Folsom to the Capitol?  I don’t know about you, but I don’t do that every day!

I’m never going to win CIM or any other marathon, but I can tell you that running it is one of my favorite memories of living here in Sacramento.  I’ll never forget running down L Street and seeing a group of 20 of my friends and family cheering for me.  I’ll also never forget the extreme pain I felt for four days after, but that’s a story for another day!

EDITOR’s NOTE: This year’s CIM is December 6.  To participate or learn more info, please check out: http://www.runcim.org/.  And if you run, be sure to send us your stories and pictures (girlsonthegrid AT gmail DOT com)!

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  1. Emily says

    You got bullet point 6 right!…you should always be running away from Folsom!

  2. cannedguds says

    The first time I ran a full Mary was 5 years ago. After that, everyone in my circle of family, friends and acquaintances really treated me like a rock star! But not just for a week but up to now especially when I’ve been running ultramarathons! My farthest, so far, was 200 kilometers!

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